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  1. Worked wonders, adored by the fans..... but the board not bothered. They want success yesterday.No loyalty no patience.
  2. Is Hyde signed up for next season or is it just a 12 month job ?
  3. Superb win at a difficult place. Take a bow lads
  4. Settle for the point, but Allen was unable to get past their LB all night and every shot we had seemed to balloon off one ot their defenders and enabled them to break. Better decision making in the final third and we might even have nicked it.
  5. RIP Ian. Bloody Hilarious with yer pal Greavesie back in the day.
  6. Steady fullback. Daughter top class player I understand.
  7. Martin Nutall was a good un back in the early 80s. Charged with filling Bobby Davison’s boots. Not quite in his league but decent.
  8. Just to clarify my comments on the Ref being a “Homer” They may well have both been penalties, but would they have been awarded to us as the away side......I doubt it. Anyhow Shay Chums, enjoy that Sunday glow feeling following a great Saturday away win
  9. Take a bow lads. Some great shifts out there. Eaaring and Campbell the pick for me, but everybody grafted. Disappointed with the Referee, hope he enjoys his free Covid holiday.... at the Torquay Plazzza.
  10. Decent half Town. Referee growing into a “bias homer”
  11. Just mentioned him on the A-Z. Jimmy Hallabone a so called winger recruited from Orient. Let’s face it we’ve had some shockers
  12. Jimmy Hallabone....... now he was something else
  13. Dual European Cup winner, multi league winner, and top shelf piss artiste.....it has to be Sir Jimmy Case
  14. Norman Bodell. Fine full back, and chatted with the crowd while playing.
  15. Beat ourselves today with Maher mistakes the culprit. The Great results at Bromley and Wrexham are down the pan. Maher should have been subbed at half time ......if only to teach him a lesson...otherwise you never gunna learn.
  16. Tear lightweight. The lad looks petrified. on the plus side Campbells done well
  17. Mahers fault yet again...the lads daydreaming
  18. The best form of defence is Attack
  19. We could utilise Green again. Impressive when he played up front last time
  20. Always a sad day when the mind says yes but the body says no. Mr Danns better a has been than a never been.
  21. Isn’t that Kevin Johnson to the extreme left.
  22. Sweet Sweet memories. Our Greatest Cup moment in my lifetime. George Kirby was right....don’t think we ever got the credit his players deserved.
  23. Yeah well done the Ref....she can certainly come again 😀
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