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  1. Looks as though we’re frightened of Bromley. Get a grip
  2. If you gunna bring Cheek down....make sure he doesn’t get back up....paying him too much respect
  3. Ah McDonald back in the day.....opposite of Allen, didn’t score many goals but at least he got the decent crosses in
  4. I take it this new elite European league will mean that the clubs involved will treat participation in the already watered down FA Cup as a no no. This is when it effects clubs like us, who perhaps only dream of facing one of these clubs and a guaranteed pay day, and in better days when fans can return , a life remembering day out. As for the European league games themselves, expect boring like chess games, unlike the blood, guts, and entertainment that was on offer at the Shaymen on Sat 😀
  5. Hats off to a great comeback, any team who does that deserves massive credit. Cold slack starts need urgent addressing though. Green in right from the start for me, he’ll do his best to break up any domineering opposition midfield men.
  6. Hasn’t Danny Williams got a smashing pair of teeth
  7. Woeful start......Green on please....they are all over us in the middle
  8. Fulham’s Johnnie Haynes and Steve Earle.....I still have nightmares. On Saturday Can I respectfully suggest Williams in for Senior and Chadwick in for Allen....and that’s just for starters.
  9. Some pretty passing (or call it pointless passing) between the boxes. Woeful defending first half, toothless attacking in the second. Just because teams are on bad runs doesn’t give you a Devine right to beat them, that includes Kings Lynn
  10. Can any of you remember Fulham at home in 68
  11. Hands up, now that was Clarke’s fault
  12. Clarke ? For me the blame is on Bradbury
  13. Greatfull for the win but deary me..... Allen international one week...down to earth this week. 3 on 1 and makes a terrible decision. Should have been subbed immediately after....only way to learn.
  14. Need to kill em off at home like we did away. It’s a bit slack up until half time.
  15. Paul Stoneman podcast was brill. Well done Tom. A request please BILL ATKINS next. Shaymen memories are cherished.
  16. Can’t call that performance. Full of guts and composure with right decisions this week. Unfortunate Hyde headed clearance, pounced on with a wonder strike. Well done lads
  17. Tempted to try Green further up the field to give the forward line some support. Did well in that advanced roll earlier in the season
  18. Fantastic footballing Family the Worthington's of which Frank excelled. Left foot as sweet as a nut. RIP Lad....nowt to come back For, lived life to the full.
  19. Good start...good finish. Credit to the young Subs. Spence looks a confident lad.
  20. Once again the final ball to get us in is poor
  21. Win ugly...and that was ugly. Poor performance with woeful passing. The referee wasn’t much better.......but it’s THREE POINTS
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