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  1. Timmy Taylor’s Golden Best taken off due to the Pandemic. Not sure if they have started brewing it again. Bolt maker and Landlord still available…….Oh and good luck to Towns five a side team at Farsley tonight 😀
  2. PW Always fancied/admired/ cursed Mark Beck. Good in the air, not bad on the ground.
  3. RIP Ernie….bloody dementia strikes again. A belting centre forward, and as Shayfolk have said….a real pain to the Shaymen defenders.
  4. RIP Great man. Part of the Shay furniture.
  5. Quite simply didn’t attack the Italians in the second half. Poor decision by Southgate not to press in the second half. Italy bossed it from there on . penalties leaving it to to the young subs………? poor decision IMO
  6. Sterling brill…..apart from his Neil Danns moment 😬
  7. Football today….Like a game of chess. Nobody willing to shoot from outside the box, no one willing to try and run at a back four to prize open the defence. Im on about England not the mighty Shaymen
  8. We were crying the poor tale when Ducky left us in similar circumstances….then king came in, now he’s gone ….who knows ?
  9. By eck that Rhys Oates is like **** off a hot shovel.
  10. Apologies Steve, Yes Bournemouth not Brentford. I also hear your comments on Maher. Decent player, just never been my cup of tea, and I think there maybe a better more suited available player for us out there this summer
  11. For you mature Gentlemen and Lady Blues.........Terry Shanahan a former Brentford Bee.....he was decent
  12. Perhaps a bit harsh, and both still under contract for next season, I’d be transfer listing Maher and Allen, both of which I think were Originally Fullerton’s signings. Allens quick, can get round defenders but his final ball is constantly woeful.....he simply isn’t learning. Maher might well be the replacement for The possibly retiring Clarke, but he struts around like he’s playing for Bayern Munich. With him being so casual it often leads to crucial mistakes namely an opposition goal. There will be better options available. Plus Add another half dozen to the let go list
  13. Think streaming was 1.7k at its peak
  14. Slightly better home home performance today, but still fell well short. Same old same old. Too slow and deliberate build ups. Woeful set pieces/ corners. Home form simply not good enough. strangely enough though good season thanks to The away form. personally, I’d be releasing a good half dozen of these
  15. Just about to to say taxi for Stephenson.....then bang😀
  16. Stephenson failed to clear twice. Can’t be giving throws away
  17. Is the streaming still available for this game ? . As a supporter since 1964 but with a Bradford postcode (I’m sure there’s loads more) I feel a bit of leper
  18. Blame it on the home form and some tepid home performances Nowt wrong with our away form which have brought some fantastic away wins. The home tactics and formation has to change for next season, couple with at least have a dozen releases.
  19. Not going to knock Pete after some superb away performances this season. We should all know it’s the home form and home tactics that’s cost us dearly
  20. The joy this lad brought to thousands of Town supporters has an ending like this. An absolute tragedy. Thoughts with his young family.
  21. Fair play to PW. He’s said in his courier interview we were very poor. No excuses.
  22. Another embarrassingly weak HOME performance Twas an absolute walk in the Park for BOREHAM Wood.
  23. Update from his sister around 7am this morning. Sadly James is still missing.
  24. Massive Shay Favourite hope this ends well.
  25. Massive win at a Team in form. Take a bow players and Management. let’s consolidate this win with another at home next Saturday.
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