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  1. Desperately sad news, especially when something like this happens. A great character and Shay legend for the new club. Brought a lot of happiness to us all on the terraces. He was a vital part of getting us to where we are now from the depths of the glue leagues. RIP big man.
  2. Absolutely agree but we are down to the bare bones.
  3. I've played faster walking football than that with the over 60's.
  4. Just when you think it can't get any worse it does.
  5. Does that include shooting 10 ft over the bar from 25yds when you have better placed players waiting in the box for a decent cross or you repeatedly drive the ball into the box and then stop and turn around? We repeatedly got into good positions and wasted the final ball. The County defence were never put under enough sustained pressure to make mistakes
  6. You can only set up so many times not to lose before the players start to believe they can't win. Negativity sort of becomes ingrained in the psyche.
  7. MOMENTUM..... This is what is needed going into the play offs. At moment we don't look like we have any. If we limp into the play offs we aren't suddenly going to turn it on. Certainly if last season's going out of the play offs with the barest of whimpers is anything to go by.
  8. Very negative set up and yet another soft goal have the opposition a goal start . Showed them far too much respect. They were nothing special. Another winnable game slips away. blockquote widget
  9. Forgot King was suspended. Don't know why but I fancy us to sneek a win today. When the odds seem stacked against we pull off the unexpected. Hope I'm right.
  10. Anyone got a team sheet for that game? Recognise a few players, but not all of them. Forgot what a dump their ground had become. Remember going to watch Blackpool vs Liverpool in the old first division about 1970/71 with my dad and uncle, who lived in Preston and remember the ground being quite decent. It was full to capacity and buzzing. Probably the biggest crowd I had been in up to that time. Blackpool lost but it was a great game.
  11. Even more remarkable when you consider his serious injury and the fact that he's one of the oldest players in our squad. His fitness is phenomenal. Also very good in the air in defence, which often goes unnoticed.
  12. Summerfield mom for me tonight. Simply awesome.
  13. They are part time and injury ravaged but Woking are still in our faces after 83 mins.
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