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  1. Totally agree. Can't see any match winners in that team. So bl@@dy defensive.
  2. Agree with that Roy but it could be worse. If you live in Huddersfield where the chuff is Kirklees. What's that all about?🤔
  3. He's an attacking midfielder who likes to run with the ball, can pick out a good through ball and can also finish. Imho I believe he doesn't relish the physical side of the game and not sure how he will stand up 90 mins football week in and week out. He's easy in the eye and obviously has a lot of skill but I still think he would have benefited from another season at this level. I hope he does a good job for you and good luck to you for next season.
  4. King may well go, but my fear is that he has had a lot of clubs but only ever done it at one Club, Town. I have to question whether he will fit in at another Club who will not be as patient, understanding and tolerant as Town. He will probably go from being a big fish in a small pond, virtually guaranteed a place in a team to being just one of a better group of players and having to fight for his place. In the past his temperament has been called into question and he has faltered. Then there is his poor disciplinary record on the pitch. He would not find many managers has forgiving and tolerant has Wilde for his persistent suspensions. Whatever happens, I wish him all the best and hope he stays with Town but, like most fans, I can't see it..
  5. So nice to see the home team getting at the opposition as though they mean it instead of sitting back and hoping to hit them on the break. A positive attacking mindset has been rewarded. Well done to hartlepool and they thoroughly deserve to be in front. Rhys Oates is Pontefract born and ex-Barnsley. I touted his name when he was released but he either went under our radar our more likely above our budget.
  6. Well done Danny Williams and good luck in your future football career.
  7. It's like a Cup game, winner takes all. who dares wins. My team talk would be simple. Go out there and give it everything. Do not have any regrets when you come off that pitch. Get in their faces from the off and don't give them any time on the ball. Make sure this is the worse day of their lives. You are experienced pros, so I don't need to tell you not to do anything daft at the back. We haven't got to where we are to feck it up on the last day. Get out there and do it for yourself but most importantly do it for the fans. Some how I don't think this will happen with PW but I would love to be proved wrong. Tomorrow is a one off and is certainly NOT a game to be over thought. They will come hard at us from the start and unless we more than match them we are sunk.
  8. Thanks for that. I didn't know about that. Hope he gets a good move. He's certainly done well for Luton. Shows he's still got ambition. As far as I know he's a Keighley lad so maybe a move up North would be good for him. Poodles would be ideal for him.
  9. Saw him play quite a few times at Barnsley, mainly at left back which is not his favoured position. He never really got a crack at centre back. The fans never really rated him but he never let them down. His distribution from the back had improved dramatically. I saw him play a few times for Luton at centre back when they came to Oakwell, when he upped his game and played really well. I'm surprised Luton are letting him go. 4 or 5 seasons in the Championship will have been a nice little earner for him. Good luck to the lad and I hope he gets fixed up with a decent club soon. He always gave 110% for us.
  10. Difficult to answer but when were part time and coming up through the glue leagues we never seemed to have that many injuries. I believe players played with knocks (and work related fatigue) and just got on with it because, if they didn't play they didn't get paid. A lot different to the luxury of having a FT contract and getting paid if you played or not. Also, If PW is going on about budgets how many former Town managers (even in the Football League days) had a full time assistant, coach, fitness coach ( part-time?), goal keeping coach, Somewhere decent to train, U19 team, scout and overnight stays? I wonder what the likes of Billy Ayre, Mick Jones and even Chris Wilder would have been able to do with those resources. They virtually did everything themselves training at places like Elland Cricket Club, Old Crossleyans, Old Earth and not forgetting The moor. Maybe he could have a bigger player's budget if he compromised some of his 'backroom staff'.
  11. Easy to blame the manager. We are down to the bare bones and the board didn't exactly back him when desperately needed a couple of quality players. Instead we had to rely on freebie loans of young players on the fringe of their own club's 1st Team squad. Maybe we should question the board's ambition. For the last 2 seasons we have been in contention only to falter in the run in.
  12. What happened to live updates? This is the first game I've been unable to stream all season, home and away. Can't get a signal where I am in my caravan.
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