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  1. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/match-streaming-we-know-its-not-perfect/
  2. I remember a large group of their fans going round the pubs in Halifax about 15 years ago looking for fights with Town fans, and throwing chairs at innocent shoppers in the town centre who were with their kids and families. Not representative of an entire fan base obviously, but never liked them since then.
  3. The more you see it the worse it looks. Thought it might have been a tad harsh on first viewing, but it's a definite red.
  4. Yeah noticed that. Club statement says Centre Forward.
  5. Tahvon Campbell on loan from Cheltenham until the end of the season. Striker.
  6. He's taking the mick out of TJAshton, who suggested it.
  7. I'm in two minds whether to get a crowdfunding started. Just based on the replies on here I can't imagine we'd get anywhere near £10k, assuming the likelihood that the council wouldn't contribute (and in all honesty in the current times I wouldn't want to even approach them) nor the rugby club.
  8. When I was chatting to Os on Facebook I asked about covers specifically for the south of the pitch and he said roughly £10k.
  9. So you're trolling then. Glad we got to the bottom of that.
  10. Supposing the council say no (especially given the current financial pressure they are under). Would we have any chance of raising £10k between the fans?
  11. Do the rugby club have many postponements through this problem? Might affect their views.
  12. Some people have asked for a refund and received it swiftly.
  13. Os has suggested that better covers on front of the South Stand would make big difference on the number of winter postponements we have. They would cost around £10k. What do we think the interest in crowd funding this would be? I imagine apethetic as most people might say the club should pay, but thought I'd ask the question.
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