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  1. Gone with yes for now, on the basis that the teams around us still have to play eachother and can’t all get maximum points. Will know a lot more this time next week
  2. Bromley to beat Torquay here to really rub the stuffing in. Notts County’s late penalty the other night was the moment the tide turned against us
  3. Reminds me of the semi last season this. No urgency to get the ball back and force a result.
  4. We have gone back to the side that started the season. Ending anything but strongly
  5. He’s torn us apart all game. Poor from King missing the header
  6. Senior and Earing on ASAP as an absolute minimum please, Pete.
  7. Superb stuff from Sam! Wake up Town, going to need to be a lot better second half
  8. Playing very much like an away team again
  9. Agreed. This was decided back in March but they only care now because it’s affected them. They should be laughed out
  10. A win for Torquay would be fantastic for us. Bromley still have to face Notts County twice too, which means only one team would be able to catch/keep up with us
  11. Suspected that may be the case. But there may be some households/bubbles which are split between season ticket holders and non season ticket holders. But I do completely agree that the fairest way is for one ticket per season ticket due to the reduced attendance
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