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  1. Josh Askew is a terrific young player. Really stood out when he was at Ramsbottom and suffered a similar fate to Rodney with lack of game time at Salford. Would be absolutely delighted should he be a part of our squad
  2. Should maybe say gets fit
  3. I’d be surprised. The Eastleigh game is Mayday rather than Easter Monday, so would be losing out in terms of a crowd to move it forwards
  4. ewalsh


    Not since 1980
  5. Played their first qualifier for the Champions League this week. Think as they have already played the first leg before signing he’ll be ineligible, but they will drop into the Europa/Conference League if they get knocked out
  6. King really started to come into his own after being put at right back for the Chesterfield game just after the drubbing at Stockport around Christmas time. Between the start of 2020 and the climax to that season he was our best player. Don’t think it would have changed the result, but he should have started the play-off ahead of Duckworth. Earing, spot on. Played something like 7/8 games in his first season with most of those coming from the bench, but even in the friendly at Clitheroe when we were very poor he was a standout
  7. Chesterfield on the 28th December. Surely not a 7:45pm kick off as per the graphic, what with that day being a bank holiday
  8. Clarke and Duckworth were signed as trialists, likewise King and Williams. Seem to remember Maynard and Tuton also followed a similar path
  9. Surely they aren’t going to announce someone when the countries eyes are glued to ITV1
  10. Moodyb2 formally of this parish
  11. Cheap season tickets wouldn’t have gotten us anywhere this year I’m afraid. I think the club is potentially in big trouble financially. Not been mentioned at all that the loan is essentially half of what we applied for, so 200k instead of 400k. £21 on the gate however is very awkward
  12. People said the same about Quigley being given a 3 year deal at Barrow. Ended up being the league top scorer and taking them up
  13. Kick off delayed at the Rugby. If this goes ahead it could be wrecked in time for our season starting this year
  14. Martin Woods new contract
  15. ewalsh

    1st july

    Would have to buy him out of his two year contract first
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