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  1. Well I was wrong. Great second half performance, two good goals and plenty of commitment from every player. Even Sam had a good game, commanded his area well and even his kicking improved. If only we could show some consistancy we would of been serious play off contenders. Never the less well done everyone and a safe journey home.
  2. And no Adam Virgo to boot. Happy days
  3. Can't seem to string two passes together, 2ND to most balls but at least we have had a shot all be it off target
  4. Hopefully we can keep the score down to a single goal defeat. No natural goalscorer and a suspect keeper not good reading.
  5. Is it possible he didn't want to be here and asked Stockport to bring him home?
  6. Plymouth has had light rain most of today with the odd heavy shower but yesterday was dry and breezy, hell we even went to the beach yesterday lunchtime. Will depend on tomorrow's forecast I suppose but I would be surprised if it is off. IMO we will get beat, by how many will depend upon which of our teams turn up. I suspect it will be by a couple.
  7. I believe someone posted a quote from the National League board on this issue that indicated that non fulfilment of games were investigated on an individual basis.
  8. I have Skybet and once I have signed in I can watch without having to place a bet on the match. I don't know about commentary as I have mute on so I don't disturb the rest of my family.
  9. This is why our league should of gone the same as the North and South. Start again next season when fans are allowed in and everyone has their regular income back
  10. He's giving Dominic Ludden a run for his money for who can remain injured the longest, If I remember rightly at least Dominic actually played a game for us, something I think Ruben is unlikely to do this season.
  11. Well that should stop the argument on whether to bring him straight back
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