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  1. Good on yer Mark me too. As far as I’m concerned I couldn’t care less what he does from this point on.
  2. Me too, definitely deserves the opportunity at least. Was signed with a lot of positive comments about him so fingers crossed Steve!
  3. If he’s due back November can only imagine he won’t actually be back match fit until the new year really. Need a replacement for him and hopefully it’s not a stop gap Gold Omotayo type.
  4. Taties and tatties Greg lad. F*cked us off or wandered off into the sunset after a kiss on both cheeks. Same outcome. What’s your point?
  5. Surely knowing the budget issue, Pete Wild will have had a strong feeling or even had prior discussions with Jack and Jeff that their is interest elsewhere and on the back of this, started to formulate a plan of how best to replace them. Fingers crossed in the coming weeks we can replace them 2 and add some proven quality to the group also. The only issue with this is that prior to the season starting, I would imagine Jack and Jeff were a couple of our lower end earners so may be hard to replace without splashing some cash. In Pete I trust, still….
  6. But Gavlar they said budget was just an excuse, can’t be!!!! Just lost our darling boy because of it.
  7. Climb out the back of him mate for a sec. Yeah good on him for earning a bit more coin but that doesn’t make me like the decision, like the guy or feel the need to wish him well. Bottom line is he’s f*cked us off. The way people are going on is like he’s a club legend or something. 1 good season, I repeat.. 1. Talented player and will be missed but by no means irreplaceable. Off ya pop Jeffrey.
  8. Ey no problem with it mate, cash is king. Just won’t see me hanging out back of him on here Twitter or any where else after he’s binned us off after 2 years service, 1 of which he did sweet FA.
  9. Montel Gibson would be underwhelming. Grimsby cast off who’s done nothing.
  10. Nowt along lines off I’m sacking you off for a dream move to Chesterfield for more money cos I’m a greedy f*cker
  11. Lost my respect after all stuff he said on Twitter towards end of season. Won’t be wishing him well at his new club nor will I miss him now despite him being class. Folk on Twitter going on like he’s a club legend. 1 good season and f*cked us off at first opportunity. Cya
  12. I aren’t really arsed what people say mate so if nobody on forum don’t think it’s exciting then so be it what can I do about that haha Ive seen some absolutely horrible town sides, play no football, front to back stuff. This one actually plays football and works the ball through the thirds. I find that exciting and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the lads this season.
  13. Charlie Cooper To Summerfield/Woods Matty Brown to Byrne Bradbury TSS/Redshaw to Hyde JBW to Senior Not heard a whisper of us missing a player from last season... says it all More fluent football and exciting to watch, more resilient defensively, more organised a clear style of play Starting to think you’re talking Bollocks TJ and want Wild gone... if no progression why would you want to keep him???
  14. We have Nathan Clarke, he’s a keeper 🥰😍😘
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