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  1. what's worse a musical or a pantomime?
  2. Thanks was looking for somewhere for my wedding anniversary !
  3. Is that an ok pub, looks rough when driving past?
  4. vinnyweknuts


    presume the government loan can pay off the directors loan, Mr B heads into a Valley Parade sunset
  5. vinnyweknuts


    agree, and who can blame him in some senses, just hope he doesn't blame others
  6. No Seniors discount! Entrance by the Arcadians?
  7. What ever happened to them
  8. Is Whoopi Goldberg our new signing?
  9. No further questions your honour, if Mr B recognised that a family day at the football is a great post Covid tonic and a great opportunity to bring in new fans, look at Cricket's Hundred, great value, crowds flocking in
  10. Fair play to them they are up to 3rd , although I see the top team has less points than them but I accept this is the the Twilight Zone of sport. What chances of them getting promoted and how will that affect the ground (squat) share?
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