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  1. It would be a good achievement to get into playoffs but we have an almost zero chance of winning it, think we have reached our steady state under Mr B's management
  2. I think that is what is worrying me!
  3. all non-competitive teams have given up now and who can blame them, nothing to play for, have to assume all our competitors will will by 3/4 goals against these teams
  4. is there any chance it can cover home goal ? asking for a friend
  5. n-n-nineteen Paul Hardcastle
  6. can't see that lot amounting to much!
  7. there was a section on Radio Leeds tonight about Deano, interview with Aspin, sadly (for me) there was a question of why he didn't do it at a higher level ie the league to me this was completely disrespectful like asking the family of a successful local entrepreneur why they didnt compete with Bill Gates and Richard Branson. To me Deano was a man of the time and place, if he was Rooney he wouldn't have signed with Town but for me is he a hero. His epitaph should be the oft quoted passage about his performance against Lancaster. #tinychanges
  8. The Mansfield Messi apart from when he was at Mansfield!
  9. Shame we can't do a minutes applause at the 9th minute at next home match
  10. make it as big as the heart of the man, should cover the entire feckin stand
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