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  1. Matt Green is without a club at moment. Bit old for me at 34 but know this league and league two. Don’t think he has pulled up an trees the last couple of seasons though.
  2. Whether or not it is TSS, has anyone checked his contract status. Now I’ve not seen his name in Sutton’s pre season friendly teams so far, which could mean he is injured, but this is a screen shot from the 30th June from Sutton’s website
  3. Conf north nd EFL start their seasons before national league. Most National league clubs did start a week before we have though.
  4. I’m thinking purple and it to be sponsored by Halifax bathrooms
  5. Financially you are prob right, but they are both getting on in age and both play at a level around ours. Novak was in league two last season. Did anyone expect Donaldson and James Hanson to go to conf north. efl season is almost upon us. Clubs will be finalising squads soon. You just never know…
  6. As of Two days before our first fixture. Been have a quick gander of players around our level who still haven’t got a club yet.. feel free to add names Josh Askew(lwb) Jake Lawlor(CB) Theo vassell(CB) Dan Gardner(MF/AM) Lee Novak(ST) Lawlor is on trial at Hartlepool and Gardner i think was on trial at Doncaster but is not being offered a contract.
  7. Don’t think you’re wrong. Like hoddie has said everyone has a limit and you may have reached yours.
  8. They asked for your phone number on Twitter for chairman to call You?
  9. Yet we have averaged similar crowds especially since we have reformed.. I would suspect the majority do buy season tickets? And I would also suspect the majority, if not all of those 200 so far have been renewals at £279. So they are essentially buying them regardless. I definitely don’t agree with what’s happened with the way it’s been done by the board. But as Hoddie put it, “my line hasn’t been reached yet” . And based so far with how long season ticket sales have been going on, how long we have left before season starts and the timing of people’s pay days. My personal belief is that we will be there or thereabouts with regards to a normal amount of season tickets being sold. I don’t think I’m the minority at all. I can guarantee most of my 7 to 8 people that I see at games will be renewing their season tickets for back of south stand at all. And we all vary in age and demographic, no relations just all people that have a common interest in town.
  10. I don’t get this. People buying season tickets are already supporters. It’s not like Jake Hyde or Neil Byrne are going to attract more punters to buy season tickets. Their will be the usual 1500-2000 at the first game and then depending on how the season pans out it will be anywhere between 1200-2200 home fans a game. I really think people on this message board think to much of the forum and that it represents the larger swathes of our support and it’s views..
  11. Eh, what do you base that on? Still 4 week till season starts and we usually only sell 4-500 in total. Not saying we are setting any records but to me appears as if we are plodding on at our usual pace..
  12. Yes definitely lawlor playing for Hartlepool in a 1-0 loss against spennymoor the other night. Played 1st half in the centre of a back 3, with Byrne on the right.
  13. Wow some decent signings for Conf North. Would love to see where we are shopping so to speak. Hoping PW has some aces up his sleeve.
  14. Exactly this… let’s just get behind our own team… Saying that gavlar. I’m awaiting any other rumours of incoming players that have crossed your desk yet. I’m personally hoping that harry cardwell one still has some legs in it…
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