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  1. People aren’t blaming Clarke (I’m a Clarke fan btw) but him in the team makes us play a lot more defensively and is causing our more influential people players to be not as effective.
  2. Yeah Clarke just doesn’t work, especially when you are chasing a game. Also feel Woods is struggling to make an impact as well. Would love to see green in the holding roll in front of the back line his ability to get a foot in and 100% energy all the time. im not saying Wild is scared, but is he fearful of dropping the players that are older than him?....
  3. Got to agree, not confident we will make it to the playoffs. Maidenhead and Dagenham are still outside bets for playoffs and in good form. Won’t help either that Maidenhead will have fans in for their game against us aS well.
  4. Not saying it’s a gurantee it will be on, but think ozzy got his regular company in yesterday to come and procore? the pitch. Which I think involves a machine with loads of spikes digging into the ground and blasting air into it or something along those lines, to basically help aerorate the pitch and basically allow a lot more water to be taken down into the surface and not just be standing water on top.
  5. Grimsby have just been taken over by new owners. Agree that Southend is a basket case though.
  6. I would imagine, that we will have cameras at the shay against Chesterfield. Should think they will have cameras at all the biggish games that day and will pan over to show goals or major incidents as they happen.
  7. Still think they have a 28 day recall clause.
  8. Has gone back to hull city in line with the terms of his loan agreement. Could have done with him for rest of season and play offs..
  9. Also don’t take it as a criticism, I’m amused by the fact that you are shocked at why you are targeted by people
  10. I specifically mean your comments, you’re the most opinionated person on the forum these days and have been for a while. You have opinions about opinions. It’s funny you don’t see it.
  11. Who knows if he hasn’t woken up today and he’s seized up and is in no fit state to last 90mins. I imagine we’ve taken the bare minimum squad wise. Can’t we get through the 90mins before laying into everyone..
  12. Will say it again we have tried green and Chadwick up front this season and scored goals. It’s not a given I know, but let’s see how it goes.
  13. Hyde seems like the type to moan if hes not starting. Get the feeling both Wild and Hyde feel it’s a marathon not a sprint, and playing 90mins on Saturday and then a coach trip to Yeovil the next day has its limits on a 30+ player who has had injurie issues all season.
  14. Green and Chadwick played upfront against Alty and we scored 3. Not saying it will work again, but we have used them two up top before.
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