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  1. As a club we have an analyst. Analysts work is done from the video whereas the scout will usually be at the game - what you are describing are two different things. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/lukecouchman
  2. Certainly thinking about it. Do we have to buy tickets from the ticket office before entering the ground? The tweet from the club was unclear and made it sound like they had to be bought in advance from Carlisle’s ticket office
  3. The youth team wear the same kits, so presumably just a picture of him playing for them in some form of cup or league game
  4. Would not be surprised to see only one player in to replace Clarke and Byrne. Young Jay Benn is more than capable now of stepping up
  5. Wild said we would have some just helping to make up the numbers to be able to play two separate teams. Not necessarily going to be one we are looking at signing. Maher, Woods, Allen, Gilmour, Senior, Waters and Spence presumably all in the second half XI
  6. 5 pages of theShaymen.net for you *sigh*
  7. Does feel late. Farsley, for example started at the beginning of July. 5 weeks is about right for normal, but this season starts later than in the past - just everyone else seems to have started well ahead of us
  8. Someone in the replies looks to have got it. Turns from pink to purple - the change in our away colours?
  9. He was what we needed at the time, no more and no less. The moment he wanted to be our higher paid player after 12 games on loan was the moment we found out enough about him
  10. Mike Fondop currently clubless (which funnily enough autocorrects to clueless)
  11. I’m taking Clitheroe as the exception They were playing their last friendly before the season started whereas we were still burping and farting our way through the first week of training
  12. In the last two seasons the clubs we have played in friendlies are sides who are either in the league above or the league below (barring the Doncaster and Clitheroe) or against second string sides from a higher level. Perhaps Pete Wild would rather use the friendlies as a gauge of where we are at rather than beating a lower league side by 5 or sitting back and defending for 90 minutes against a Championship club
  13. Would the fact that Stenson got his injury playing have any bearing on the contract status at all? Injured whilst carrying out his duties, then relieved of a job because you are unable to carry on working.
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