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  1. Looking in increasingly the case, difficult to pinpoint the reasons behind the inconsistency although an ever changing forward line is probably the core reason.
  2. Roy Race


    No wanking or orgasmic behaviour in November.......just as well we may in May
  3. This incident seemed to be the catalyst for his departure. A real shame as he still had much to offer if fit, at his best we have had no one better since.
  4. Roy Race


    One across in Times crossword
  5. Not ridiculous but I would go for an area of the East Stand but suspect it will not be down to the club.
  6. Is there a simple link to allow a donation from techno numpties please.
  7. The guy typified the team on our rise back up the divisions, tough & uncompromising a real warrior. What a waste especially with a young family. RIP big man.
  8. Anyone considered it was pressure from supporters, plenty on here insisting without him we were a team without direction, get him on the pitch at all costs. Well we got him on the pitch at a very high cost.
  9. Disappointingly poor, looked like the players didn't really like the pressure of expectation on them of don't fancy the tactics so went into brain freeze mode.
  10. Yes as well to keep a lid on the excitement caused by a possible play of place, disappointment always lurking found the corner. I have no expectation one way or the other.
  11. We have dropped in to safety first mode & the opposition have sussed out our obvious tactics & push forward stretching play wide. I have to agree with the let's go for it mentality rather than the let's protect what we have & see what we can nick, difficulty being our terrible injury record has made the former problematic. Maybe we should have been mixing the two on a match by match opposition by opposition basis.
  12. With a small fit squad it always will.
  13. Agree, it's down to the players to find a meaningful pass with a modicum of accuracy, saw little of that today but plenty from BW. We were outplayed, out thought, outmuscled & showed little desire for the fight. Poor from all concerned.
  14. Not true against Stockport & there have been other instances not as costly.
  15. Didn't look like the players wanted this one or we have too many chokers in the team. Barring Sam poor from back to front, Williams blundered about from kick off to sending off, King non existent today.
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