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  1. Roy Race


    Can't wait for the bun fight to buy him out, will it be an Arab oil shiek, Russian oligarch or a couple of movie persons I've never heard of
  2. Good news is our long term injury's will be later than most
  3. But is a gypsy, never stays at any club, moves on as soon as he is found out.
  4. Must say the last two or three seasons have been hard work, just thought it was my age & cold plastic seats no longer appealing.
  5. Plenty pointing out where the club are going wrong but non coming forward with practical solutions. Everything goes quiet when asked.
  6. I would agree, another in a long line of also rans, suprised so many saw potential in him, as all things in football time will tell if we have missed out.
  7. Not too fussed at this stage of his career, had plenty clubs in his time, never stayed anywhere for any length. A long way from Halifax to Hartlepool.
  8. Roy Race

    Man City

    Bit like Hyde & Mullins at Wrexham then.
  9. Looks like Byrne having a baptism of fire if playing again today.
  10. Correct, Beck played mostly wide left against us & layed the ball off well, saw very little route one.
  11. At his best he was a decent National player, odd his best days passed him by quickly, he was a capable footballer, if not an injury it must be his head is not in the right place & don't mean on his shoulders!
  12. Roy Race


    Or injured before recognition takes place
  13. Out of curiosity, I used my ST for Chesterfield match which turned out to equate to £80.00, my good lady found a day out with daughters & grandkids a more appealing prospect so did not attend, where does that leave her with regard to renewal cost. No I haven't contacted club.
  14. Not doomed but it does severely restrict the candidate list
  15. Model for Barnstoneworth United without a doubt.
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