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  1. Rumours are that two of Torquay’s better players are out injured again. Think wright has had another problem with his hamstring, though they are keeping it quiet. Yeah one off games anything can happen can’t it? Big day tomorrow though, it’s certainly more exciting than the dull premiership.
  2. Personally I think we will finish 2nd, I think Sutton will now win it, unless they slip up tomorrow. I’ve got us at 2nd because I feel Torquayhave quite a tough run in, I will probobly change my mind on that after tomorrow’s match though if they beat Notts county. I just think they have been that bad County they are due a result. Torquay have Stockport away and Chesterfield too,without injuries I’d of said they would of come close to winning it. Pools run in is also pretty tough, games against money bags Chesterfield and then Bromley away within two days for us to finish 2nd, I’d say we w
  3. I know it is Wilder no offence was taken.
  4. Doesn’t everyone just love a smart arse? Yes English was never my strong point at school.
  5. Yes of course I do it’s just a bit of banter.
  6. After half an hour last Saturday you were all in meltdown. Hartlepool (big H intended) might not be promoted this year but if we don’t we won’t be far away next year either. As for Chesterfield well there trying to cheat there way basically to league two let’s hope we both take points off them when we play them, I now want anyone to go up but them.
  7. They can but are they good enough too? Hartlepool have played most of them recently won at Torquay, should of beat Stockport, beat Sutton and Notts at home. I reckon stockport realistically and Torquay are the two danger teams to us. Sutton should win the league but if Torquay beat them, then it puts serious pressure on them to win at Altrincham.
  8. I see you little upstarts can’t stop winning since I predicted you would make the play offs after we drew at your place. Still stand by the fact I think barring Torquay at the start of the season and maybe Stockport now they are trying to buy the league, that you are possibly the best team in the league at the moment. Definately the dark horses to win the play offs, I’ve seen nothing from the top 7 or 8 to think otherwise recently.
  9. As a team I don’t think your far away at all, nothing to beat in this league it’s very average, it must be we have won 8 on the bounce at home, yet are garbage away. One team always goes on a run towards the end of season it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Halifax.
  10. We have scored once in about 6 games away I’d take a point now. I was thinking of backing you at Torquay on Saturday, that result has put me off a bit. Looked a really good side a few months ago.
  11. That’s what you get on Facebook though,I hope half of it is toungue in cheek. Most normal and sensible Hartlepool fans know we are not good enough to win the league let alone steam roll it. We are dreadful away. Well we will look massive to little old Halifax though won’t we?😉
  12. At least it wasn’t to Barnet though 😂😂 Can scrap the season for all I care, these glorified friendlies at 5pm at Eastleigh with no crowds I find very hard to get excited about.
  13. Yes it can be baltic even on a hot summers day if your in the shade.
  14. Haha was a bit shocked at Jeff criticising your club. I think that was more in frustration at lost revenue, he has put money into the club. Best footy presenter on TV and it will be a sad day when he retires. I know halifax is a desperately cold place in winter I was there one new years day many moons ago, possibly the coldest I've ever been in a footy ground and thats saying something following hartlepool, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that when you get a cold snap with large stands and not much sunlight games are going to take a hit, I think Saturday at Eastleigh is where comments by
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