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  1. Well Abbort is directly involved in the rugby club for a start!
  2. I thought we couldn't do the Leeds 10k because of Worldnet? I will sign up for 3 peaks next week and don't mind trying to help organise it. I def can't do the the York 10k.
  3. hopefully available. was gutted to miss the last one.
  4. haha what was that quote at the top of Pen-Y-Ghent? "This is definitely harder than the London Marathon". Although I can't talk: http://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/photo.py?event=Sports/CPUK/2013/Jane%20Tomlinsons%20Leeds%2010K&bib=2512&photo=LTKH1605
  5. http://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/photo.py?event=Sports/CPUK/2013/Jane%20Tomlinsons%20Leeds%2010K&bib=6610&photo=LTKN1218 Thompson applying the tried and tested method of staring at womans bottom
  6. http://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/photo.py?event=Sports/CPUK/2013/Jane%20Tomlinsons%20Leeds%2010K&photo=LTKI0185&bib=8331 http://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/photo.py?event=Sports/CPUK/2013/Jane%20Tomlinsons%20Leeds%2010K&photo=LTKX1848&bib=8331
  7. chreee

    3 Peaks/10K

    Put me down for staying over Friday as well please! Ill come back home Saturday night. Thanks
  8. I've signed up for the 10k.
  9. Ill do both. Ill sign up for the 10k tomorrow.
  10. That was Bury's MoM, we however disagreed
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