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  1. Jamie Cooke: https://www.colnefootballclub.com/single-post/2020/06/10/the-red-revolution-is-cooke-ing One slight problem. Says he's a midfielder. Well we already have Summerfield, Green, Woods, Spence and Gilmour. Surely enough. As I said earlier, it is quality replacements for Hyde, Byrne and King that we need.
  2. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/will-calligan-8ab265215
  3. Strikers. We had a good look at Bell, Campbell and Stephenson last season. But doesn't look like Wild tried to sign any of these. So where are the replacement strikers that Wild thinks are better than those three?
  4. Some people on here have speculated that we may have got up to £100k from the sale of Hyde and Byrne. And Wild has said that goes back in to his pot. So if we got anything like that money, yes we do need to be spending it on top quality.
  5. National League doesn't kick off until August 21st. EFL 1 and 2 begin on August 7th. You would expect there might be some good players currently trialling for EFL, who don't get offered deals. They would then drop down in to a pool of unattached players that might be available to us at National League level.
  6. I thought Gilmour was the replacement for Earing?
  7. I wasn't at Farsley, but it sounds like a hotch potch of trialists. Let's get back to basics. We need to be replacing King, right wing back. Byrne and Clarke, centre backs. Hyde, Chadwick and Campbell. 3 strikers gone, just Waters come in. So 2 strikers needed. Anyone among the trialists that actually looks like they could fill the big gaps we have?
  8. Some other clubs, such as Alty, have announced who is with them as a trialist. Why can't we?
  9. Grimsby Town have sold 2,400 season tickets https://www.grimsby-townfc.co.uk/news/2021/july/over-2400-have-now-booked-their-202122-season-ticket/
  10. Please, please tell me we are not going to sign Sho Silva again. He's already failed once at this club. He isn't good enough. Nyal Bell is a much better player, I'd even prefer Stephenson. To sell a proven goal scorer like Hyde, then end up with Sho Silva instead, that really would be a kick in the teeth for the supporters. I pray it's a case of mistaken identity.
  11. In a similar vein, Manchester United and Dortmund not shy to tell people about the recent £73 million fee for Sancho. But the fees we receive can't be released.
  12. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/hartlepool-united-supporters-react-to-pre-season-thrashing-by-sixth-tier-gateshead-3322266
  13. Campbell scored just one goal for us in 15 appearances ( 9 starts, 6 as sub ). Sorry, just not good enough. Nyal Bell's stats for us were much better. 3 goals in 7 appearances ( 4 starts, 3 as sub )
  14. Losing 4 of our best players, including last season's marquee signing, who was still under contract for another year, doesn't inspire people to want to buy. Nor does just 2 signings so far. Gilmour and Waters probably reasonable signings, but hardly earth shattering. Get your product right and people will buy.
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