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  1. 12 months ago we were locked up with minimal opportunities for social interaction and definitely no live football to watch. It was possible that we wouldn't see any football at all (at our level) but we did manage some via the various streams. Now we have the opportunity to watch a full season of live football (fingers crossed) I cant wait given the boredom and solitude of recent times. So season tickets have been purchased and we move on.
  2. Ok thats fine but then don't moan about players being disloyal and not honouring their contact
  3. Truly unbelievable. on the same day you have been disgusted with Hydes actions leaving during a 2 year contract and now want to cancel Stensons contract because the poor lad is injured. You can’t have it both ways.
  4. I have no specific names for you but I feel more hopeful now that Gareth is at the wheel. He will know where to look and who to bring in. In GM we trust
  5. There are loads of talented, hungry, unproven players out there waiting to be picked up. Give me them over supposedly ready made egotistic players any day. much more satisfying watching them try and succeed (then move on)
  6. Good work initially getting Byrne and Hyde on 2 year deals which is rare for us. The usual 1 year deal would’ve meant nothing for us. we move on.
  7. Another one on the list, if not already on it : )
  8. Honestly not sure why many on here bother with Town, dithering over season tickets because we didn’t sign Messi, jeez.
  9. So what has the price of season tickets got to do with the manager ? anyway you’ll be watching Chesterfield so what do you care
  10. Not sure what he has to prove so early into his tenure and in his career. Keeping a good number of players from last season was good news with regards continuity for the coming year I thought. i suppose it comes down to expectations and you are looking for a proven winning manager to come in and get promotion . When ever he is interviewed he appears to have a plan so fair play to him, whether it’s the right plan we will see.
  11. Why do dislike the manager so much ?
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