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  1. I'm sure he was called Will, I definitely want to see him again and for longer.
  2. Was an ok game, second half was much better than the first, some nice passing etc. But I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I put that down to the introduction of Maher who donned the Captains Armband and took control of the game. I like him, always have and after his stint as Captain last season he has to be our man to lead the team this season. But as you say, it was just a good fitness exercise really, one or two decent showings, better than I was expecting really.
  3. He was very good, I also liked the lad wearing No7 in the second half, was subbed near the end. I note as well in a photo on an earlier thread that Abubakar is wearing our Tangerine away shirt kit from a couple of seasons ago, has he played for us in some capacity previously???
  4. Looking back on the historic kits, this one is probably the nearest we've ever got to a "purple". Like a bluey purple??? Not sure though!!
  5. Well, it's been one of my pet hates for a few seasons Andrich, the fact that most games the opposing goalkeeper is wearing a kit virtually the same colour as one of the two teams, cant distinguish him at corners etc. And your right about our use of three kits, and the fact that we could play in our proper colours most of the time, but its all about the sponsorship these days!!! Not sure Hoddie, I'm old and cant remember lots of stuff these days, white and purple yeah, but full purple, not so sure?
  6. Isnt purple a bit to much like blue to be a change of colour kit?
  7. Calm Down!!!!! Calm Down!!!! Come on Greyski, you should know by now that this is me being calm!!!! I nearly broke me dentures on me pipe as I read this young whippersnappers post!!!! (I'm assuming he is). But you never call anyones loyalty into question, especially a ST holder who show that theyre loyal by virtue of buying a ticket in the first place. I need one of my pills to bring my heart rate down otherwise I wont be needing my newly purchased ticket!!!! 🥵
  8. I've only just seen this comment. And once again I ask the question to some of you people, Who the hell do you think your talking to making utterly stupid comments like yours?? You either support Town or you dont????? Moron!! I've got my 60yrs in, what about you?? And the reason that me and quite a few other "Real" Town supporters feel aggrieved is because sadly the club failed to show us the same level of loyalty as we have given to the club over the many years!!! So, I suggest that if you havent got anything constructive to add to the threads then dont bother!!
  9. Great day Dcrossl1. Just got back from holiday in time to get there. I remember that the United supporters ransacked the Town center, virtually stripped Nicholl & Browns & Jack Lees bare!!!! To young back then to know what happened in the pubs, but I remember being in the Shay and just like in the film Zulu, you could here the Man U supporters coming in the distance, getting closer and closer, and if memory serves me correctly, they didnt bother with the turnstiles, they just forced their way through the big blue gate at the Trinity/Hudds Rd entrance!!! Happy days and a great win, but we had a really good team back then. Shame WBA beat us in the next game though.
  10. TommyH72

    New Kit

    I think Town Should Have This Kit:- See Through. I'd love to see the state of some of our supporters in the South Stand wearing one of these with their "6 Packs" on show!!!! 😄. But it's all done in good fun and is part of their drive to bring about awareness to Prostate Cancer. I'd look great in one!!!!!!!! 😅 Football team unveil world's first see-through kit after infamous sausage strip
  11. It's done!!! For better or worserer!!!! ☹️ I'm not happy about this, and nobody better be in "MY" seat when I get there or I'm liable to kick of. I want a Flag on my seat that says "Tommys Keep Off" FCHT take note, Tommys not happy?? 😬
  12. I think I've made my decision!!! A lot of pondering, but the wife threatened to ban me from going if I paid on the gate, said I would be stupid wasting more money!!! And the thought of a Proud Yorkshireman wasting money sits even more uncomfortably than when we paid £80 to watch Chesterfield. So????????? ☹️
  13. Just been reading a good piece about Adam Morgan and his very difficult struggles with mental health etc. Nothing I dont think we havent seen before but still interesting. Adam Morgan: Being let go by Liverpool took me to a dark, dark place
  14. Yes, you are correct Hoddie!!! And I might just do that, write the letter. But one thing I meant to add in, and it's something I've mentioned previously, why cant we have reserved seating? If I buy a ST, then how hard is it for the club to organise the seats, they did it for the Chesterfield game. I like where I sit week on week, and I'll admit that on the odd occasion when I get to the ground and someones in "My" place I'm really a bit peed off to be honest!! Just one other very quick quicky!!!! I wonder if any consideration has been given as to what the situation might be should the Virus start to spike again (I'm certain it will) and crowds are banned from attending. It's a very real possibility, and we could be left out of pocket yet again.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this dilemma. Should I shouldn't I scenario. Thing is, It really is cutting your nose off to spite your face. I think I read that it's going to be £21 on the gate per home game, x 22 = £462.00, yet a ticket is going to cost £279 (I think) or even if they were to rip me off again, then even £349.00 still makes sense!!! But being a stubborn old b-----d theres a part of me that doesn't want to back down. 60yrs of loyal support is is in the balance here, what the hell do I do???
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