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  1. My tactics would be very simple, as would my pre match team talk, go out there and win!!! Simple.
  2. Did you watch the match on Bt Sport last night, it was Sutton v Wokink???? I wonder if when we're on telly and we are wearing our Cerise kit, the commentator says, " and theres FC Halifax Town in their Ping kit"???
  3. I'm going with a cautious yes, but its a shame that it's not really in our own hands any more. Our nearest rivals all look to be hitting form all of a sudden just as we seem to have dropped off a little. Particularly Chesterfield, couple of good results.It also looks like Maidenhead will have their home supporters in the ground, how much of an advantage might that be?? But I'm still sticking with our recent form and the fact that it suggests we can win 2 of the 3 remaining games. Will a win and a draw be enough??????????? Fingers crossed!!
  4. I've been saying it for Eons mate!! The whole game needs to be restructured
  5. Much as I like Ollie Watkins, and I dont like to see lads getting red carded for stupid stuff, It was refreshing to see that the ref gave him a second yellow yesterday against Man U for throwing himself to the floor looking for a penalty when there was absolutely no contact whatsoever from the United player. And again, much as I like Jeff King, he does this way to often for my liking. Stay on your feet, otherwise the yellow card collection will soon turn a bright shade of Red.
  6. I'm sticking with yes and my theory that our recent record suggests we will get the required results that will see us make the PO's. Remember, we havent lost back to back games since November so stop worrying!!!! 😃
  7. Again I've taken the "safe" option of letting the dust settle before jotting anything down. I know from experience that to throw comments in straight after the final whistle is probably not the best way forward, well for me anyway!! I am gutted that we didnt do better yesterday, but in a strange way the outcome didnt/doesnt surprise me. There are several teams in this league that we just seem destined never to get a decent result against, and The Wood seem to be one of them!!! What did annoy me was how we let them bully us, this has happened several times this season and we again never got any
  8. Our recent record suggests that we will be ok, we may be stumbling but we will cross the line, we havent lost back to back games since November, I dont see any reason that change now, fingers crossed? Our Last 12 Games:- L - D - W - W - L - W - W - L - W - L - W - L So based on that form we should achieve at least W - L - W Although one could be a draw, but either way we'll be ok!!! 😃
  9. I think the one good thing with these games is that they are both away!! I know that with no crowds in the grounds there is no home advantage, but lets be honest, this season we have been much better away than at home. Now assuming we can keep in the mix after these two games, with the Chesterfield game being at home with a crowd of home fans only, then lets stay positive for now. But yes, today wasnt good, I feel really dejected tonight.
  10. Well we cant deny it, we question PW's decision making constantly!!! Why Chadwick not Hyde, why didnt he take big Sam off and put Spence on??? 😀 But lets be honest, we really dont have a clue what goes on in the average Football Managers brain. Bit like trying to suss out a woman's thinking?? I stopped trying to do that 40yrs ago!!! But you have to ask serious questions when you see Mikel Arteta make the absolute mind boggling decision that he made last night!! Trailing 2 - 1 from the away leg of the Europa League Semi Final, the game was a dull affair (my opinion), but the fact was that if Ar
  11. If you read what I say TJ, I say you could make a case against players when stupid bookings get you suspended for very important games, remember Gazzas tears in 1990, he would have missed a World Cup Final had we beaten Germany, and all due to a stupid tackle. Jeff has to calm down, he's been consistently one of our best players and a front runner for player of the season, but he's no good to us sat in the stand. And I really dont know what this change of tactics means, we were playing reasonably ok, as were Stockport, perhaps we just cancelled each other out. The one moment of quality fell to
  12. I've let the dust settle on this one before I've put finger to keyboard, I wasnt happy yesterday with several aspects of the game. The first was PW's selection and then his set up, but on reflection, what else was he supposed to do? Looking at our available squad i could only question why Chadwick didnt start, could it have been an injury issue, a knock picked up last Tuesday???? I dont know, only PW does. But as per my threads prior to the game, I really dont understand why we looked so frightened of them, as I said, we are 5th in the table on merit not luck or voodoo, we are the 2/3rd highes
  13. It's funny really because the more I think about it, we are 5th in the table and we are not there by chance. We are there on merit and we all know we should be higher based on the stupid dropped points. Fair play, Stockport are 1 place and a a few points better off than us, but it makes me wonder if they arent slightly to confident, I dont think we ought to be to respectful but just be cautious and dont wait for 20 mins before we decide to turn up.
  14. Robin Beck, absolutely fantastic, the other birds not to bad either!!!
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