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  1. Think we will just sneak in... definitely need to change things for next game and take the game to daggers to have any chance
  2. Sparrow

    Peter Out

    It's not over yet ffs Stop quitting when we still have a chance..granted it's been abit **** but still we are still in with a chance
  3. Thing is if we don't change it to more attacking football and we don't make the playoffs we will all be going what if ..at least have a go and if it doesn't work out we can say at least we had a go..still think we may creep into playoffs but no way are we good enough to go up especially at the moment
  4. Said that to my son when I first took him to the Shay.. prepared to get your heart ripped out of your arse pretty much every season lad....didn't put him off though..silly boy
  5. At least we are away next week to proberly most in form team in league...cue town turning up and getting 3 points...cue town blowing it last game of season
  6. I've been booing for last ten minutes....
  7. Come on 2 goals 5 mins added time with ten men when we haven't had a shot on target all game...no probs
  8. Knowing us we will go beat Dagenham next week
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