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  1. Let's be fair he left at the end of last season for a number of reasons, a) we needed someone who could score goals b) like most players he wanted to move nearer to where he lives. Even if we do have money to play with, everyone knows that TSS is not the answer to our problem - no Hyde, King or Earing means where are the goals coming from.
  2. Maybe the club should produce a pre-season "spot the trialist booklet" along the lines of the I-Spy books we had when we were kids.
  3. Bit of back of a fag packet maths but if S/T sales are down compared to last season, will we still get a similar number of fans in the ground to 2019-20 when we averaged home fans of around 1900 per game, with just over 200 a game average for away fans. If those fans who previously would have taken a S/T but choose not to but still turn up to roar on the Shaymen, then DB's gamble will have paid off, as their would be around £54,300 extra income.
  4. Best case of a non-argument and a waste of time and effort for the anti-TSS brigade. .Current !st team squad listing from Sutton as of today: What will they witter on about next, if TJ Ashton draws breath, and let's anyone else get a word in?
  5. ITMAN


    My reference to the EU was based on how you had worded your response. It was very diplomatic to say the least, and non-committal.
  6. ITMAN


    You are not working for the European Union by any chance.....
  7. ITMAN


    So in other words the clubs worth nowt....
  8. ITMAN


    If the sports loans are anything like the bounce back loans then DB has no risk. He could fold the club and walk away as the Govt are the security for the loans. As the club is a limited liability he is only liable for the same amount as the value of the shares he holds.
  9. So we just need 3 more members to step forward and help put this one to bed. Anymore out there that want to take part?
  10. It makes a huge difference when you are not as reliant on S/T income. Take Bradford, with the TV money they can afford to subsidise their S/T prices, with the benefit of over 10k a season taking up the offer. They certainly do not seem to be suffering from having cheap S/T's. I know we have tried it the season before last, but that was before we had a new manager and a new style of playing. If we get off to a good start and the pay on the gate improves, then it might be possible to generate enough interest to make it possible to try again next season and hopefully we can convert some of the "new" fans to S/T holders.
  11. Maybe people are still holding out with the news that entry to Premier League games could be limited to only those who have had a double vaccination? If this trickles down to the NL then we might be back into restricted numbers in grounds as well as having to provide evidence of a full vaccination record.
  12. The statement on Twitter was this: The Club would like to Thank all those supporters who have either renewed their season ticket or have purchased a new one Only refers to renewed and new sales, so I presume that does not include deferred tickets, as there in no income from them.
  13. I can see from the Twitter feed that the number of S/T renewed or sold is just over the 200 mark. That will put a big dent in the cashflow compared to previous seasons.
  14. ITMAN

    Man City

    Except Ham Construction were wound up in 2016
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