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  1. You're not joking calling them the draw specialists , 16 draws , they have only lost 10 only the top 4 have lost less.
  2. My point was having a long gap between playing again could be an issue . Lewis pointed out that the eventual winners have always finished in 2nd or 3rd , I don't know how far back that stat goes , how many seasons has this new format been going ?.
  3. We should but it's at home , I think Wild might put him on the bench , have him up his sleeve if it doesn't go to plan, cannot afford to slip up on Saturday. Hopefully we will be in a position where he is not needed.
  4. Is Earing fit ? Big 4 games need him back .
  5. That blows my theory out of the water then , hope that stat changes or it's another season and attempt 21 to get out of this league.
  6. Just been looking at the dates for the play offs and with the new format is their any advantage to finishing 2nd and 3rd apart from home advantage . The season finishes on Saturday the 29th of May , the following Saturday 5th of June is the games between 4th and 7th so a week to prepare , winners get another week to prepare for their games against 2nd and 3rd while the 2 clubs in 2nd and 3rd are waiting 2 weeks for a game . To me that's a long time to prepare it's like when we had 2 weeks without a game due to postponements it felt like a long time and we came back and lost , it cou
  7. An away supporter once asked me where the ground was , I pointed him in the direction of Huddersfields road , past the the swimming baths and once the smell of chlorine has gone follow the smell of urine.
  8. I think it will be only season ticket holders , the availability will be season ticket holders who don't go.
  9. See Woody's post he has put it below football but above the Kids and Wife .
  10. And for the third , looks like a little kid on a trampoline . Worth another look it's comical.
  11. I think it has been different on here this season due to not being allowed in the ground pre match especially , I look forward to 2pm when the team is announced , have my opinion about who starts , how we set up and predict an outcome . Usually I am either in the pub , on my way to the game and wait for the team announced over the tannoy and discuss it with other supporters around me , I rarely look on here until FT . So I could say nothing and wait until FT and give an opinion when I know the score but this is what football is about .
  12. Football Kids Wife In that order.
  13. It's simple really , disagree , argue , put your point across without insults but accept that it is just an opinion otherwise it spirals into a personal slanging match . This happened a few years ago to Sheffield Wednesday fans . Bloggers beware: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club & Others v Hargreaves In a judgment handed down last week, the High Court ordered the defendant, Mr Neil Hargreaves, to reveal the identities of certain users of a website owned and operated by him, www.owlstalk.co.uk, who had posted defamatory messages on the website regarding Sheffield Wednesday F
  14. The thing about a forum is alot of us don't know each other , I know a few but not many , if we had to use our real names instead of usernames then the insults wouldn't happen . The anonimity is abused by some , I am not a tech geek but I know we have an IP address which can be traced , I also know you can pay to block the IP address being traced . The social media blackout is due to people posting comments knowing it's difficult to be found if you know what you are doing . Until more is done to stop this happening then it will carry on. The fallouts on here usually end wit
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