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  1. Players have 28 days to sign once contract has been offered.
  2. would still be back for start of season proper tho ??
  3. Would not invest in them either.
  4. They also have 2 million pound worth of loans to pay back, been very underhand with their use of the furlough scheme and seem to be chucking money they don't have / or isn't theirs.
  5. Ah well that's okay lets crack on and fly by the seat of our pants then., Investment was asked for but none forthcoming and at the end of the day would you invest in a club that does not own it's own ground.
  6. Wow. How can they be comfortable when they just borrowed 2 million quid
  7. Taught me to read and understand basic English though old luv
  8. "our retained list includes all players who were contracted last season with the exception of Dany Williams and Rueben L-N" Does exactly what it says on the tin. see above Thank you Mr G, obviously spoken like a good grammar school ;lad llike my good self
  9. All players who had a contract last season bar Danny and Reuben have been offered deals is how I read it
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