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  1. Definitely looking forward to going back tomorrow and watching the mighty Shaymen. More looking forward to seeing who these trialists are. Cameras at the ready !!
  2. Looks like we could have Sho-Silva back training with us
  3. Wonder if Gav has his predictions right about Harry Cardewll from Chorley
  4. SHAY man 2


    Yeh... that was all ticket. It's a better system
  5. SHAY man 2


    I'm going to identify all these trialists
  6. SHAY man 2


    I think it might be just ticket only, not 100% sure
  7. Kit... looks to be something to do with no plastic ext. Could be a kit that is made out of sustainable material
  8. Has this come from an assistant manager or manager from another league? If your right then good on you, I'd recommend you do the lottery.
  9. I've got to admit, this man is the most honest manager we've had at the club for a very long time. It seems to me that all funds will be put into the budget and we are currently in talks with other clubs to sign there players ext... could be some decent players coming our way.
  10. Surely wild has known that these two were leaving for a while... so hopefully he has some backups planned.
  11. Pete Wild needs to come out and explain his theory to letting these two leave.... he's good some real work to do, and I don't think he has the experience to do so
  12. We are being raided.... hide everything.
  13. Surley we have good money for both. The club need to use that money to sign some better players
  14. SHAY man 2


    Undisclosed fee to Hartlepool
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