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  1. Thanks for the clarification
  2. Town been crap today, no intention to play football. Not a playoff looking side from today's game. No excuses from wild today, it isn't acceptable. Full stop
  3. Out for 9 months from the looks of it, it's never a nice thing in football to see any footballer be out for that long... however in the short term, it will benefit us massively, well hopefully!
  4. Defense again ! Useful as a chocolate teapot
  5. Danny Williams, go do one, one player I think that let's this team down
  6. This defense is absolutely abysmal, they are the ones that are going to lose us the playoffs. FACT !!! Truly shocking
  7. We need to get some new wing backs especially on that left hand side for next season, Williams makes me so nervy
  8. Defense again, woeful, wild really needs to sort that out for next season
  9. Clarke makes me feel very uncomfortable at times, I don't think there is any more room on my chair before I'll fall off
  10. Park the bus park the bus Halifax... that lineup is so defensive
  11. Anyone else's stream stopping and starting ?
  12. As an incentive to increase the playing budget for next season, would it be something the supporters club could pledge to start... this would be a great way to set aside some money to help support player wages, fees ext for this transfer window ?
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