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  1. Skircoat for me. Just thinking about a return to them bogs brings a tear to my japs eye.
  2. Don’t forget Earing and Stenson as well. Maybe bring Dominic Ludden back.
  3. We would be top of the table had Jake Hyde not been injured at start of the season. He would have my vote on his record.. he scores we win. Simple. But for me Jack Earing gets my vote. Been breath of fresh air. Enjoy him while you can coz that kid is going far. Saying that. I haven’t seen a midfielder this season on a par with Luke Summerfield
  4. Be coming straight back down anyway if last week is anything to go by.
  5. We have played a ridiculous 8 games in 26 days .. 3 more than Alty. 5 games in last 13. no wonder they are knackered.
  6. Williams went to sleep for the 2nd goal. But 2 games in 3 days means tired legs tired minds. Into playoffs with 4 strikers missing and still digging out results. Remarkable effort this season.
  7. Don’t take up reffing. Earring pen was as nailed on.
  8. Flea, You are getting her mixed up with Nadine Dorries
  9. Virgo. The man who described Kingy’s worldy at Dover as kick and hope.
  10. Once a Shayman Rambo, always a Shayman! Been waiting years for the Ainley Top Derby. Just watch it come out of the hat this year with no fans allowed.
  11. Maybe if u play twice as many away. As we have done. But we don’t.
  12. Bet you are a wiz on football manager.
  13. Haven’t been able to watch the games myself but I will take your word for it.
  14. In the EFL championship. Home Season ticket holder get the stream free. The present TV deal only allows midweek away streams free. Otherwise it’s a tenner a game. Sounds like a financial lifeline to NL clubs this model.
  15. Thank you. Another one gone.
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