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  1. Not the news we want to hear. Keep safe Delano
  2. Every time those bogs are mention I can still smell them. After all these years they are still stuck up my nose one of the memories I don’t want to keep of the Shay. Went to the bogs once in my Wellies and they rotted.
  3. Don’t see the point of setting up for 0-0 when we cannot keep a clean sheet against any team for more than 30 minutes.
  4. I used to be 1.9. But now I am only 1.7 trust me everything shrinks when you get old
  5. Glad you said two bands I had no idea what you were talking about
  6. Cannot believe any true Englishman would support anything French over English.
  7. Said it many times before. We just cannot keep a clean sheet therefore a loss is always on the cards just admit it we are not good enough for promotion
  8. Am i right in saying these clubs want their own midweek league but still want to stay in the EFL. I am not sure what they want.
  9. We can beat any team if we could only keep a clean sheet. When a team like KL put two past us then that is a problem
  10. Sparrow I told you a couple of weeks ago that we will not make the play offs. We cannot keep a clean sheet and score more than two goals in a game.
  11. Pity we can’t have the fans attend. I am sure there would be some good crowds attending these games. More lost revenue
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