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  1. OLDSKIR said Hope it doesn't happen. It just favours the big/rich clubs who have the bigger squads. I agree 100%. We managed for years without any at all. If anything 5 is too many.
  2. I'm disappointed that Jeff Kink is leaving us. Despite his yellow card issue i think he was an asset. Always put a good shift in and was keen and always tried his best. But anyone, in any job, will move on if a big wage increase is offered, its human nature. The only thing I would say is that if the move means you are not an automatic choice then you are not in the shop window for a possible move up to a higher league. Its a difficult decision for a young feller weighing up the pros and cons
  3. One by one tweeting might be OK for those who spend most of their waking hours on twitter but for us normal people its not ideal
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    Well pleased with that news
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