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  1. Really good interview with him from the courier. It’s easy to say for the interview so not sure how true it would have been, but he claimed he would 100% have been with us next season if we went up. another interesting point was he picked out Spence as being a talent. It was this time last year all our leavers said Earing was the one to look out for. Do we already have our replacement, and his first 6 months with us were the same learning curve Earing had in his first season?
  2. Earing has officially left the building. Both sides confirmed that we reached a compensation agreement. Does anyone know if sell on clauses could be included in that? Doubt Walsall would have agreed to that though
  3. Assuming it will be announced at 12
  4. Each player signing back up will get their own tweet confirming it. should be a flurry of announcements over the next 2/3 days
  5. Very good interview in the courier. Speaks very highly of the club and management. interesting that he is now in Dubai looking for a club and coaching role over there. Good luck to him.
  6. Cryptic tweet from Earings agent. I’m guessing his new club will be announced soon
  7. Well, I don’t think there will be many (if any) more released. whether everyone else stays is another question. King and Earing are the two who are most likely to get offers to tempt them away
  8. I don’t think Tear has done too badly filling in at wing back (pretty sure he’s filled in on both flanks) on the odd occasion he has got on the pitch. Wealdstone at home springs to mind when he came on early. Him and Benn would certainly have been out on loan if the lower leagues were playing. I’d sign him up for another year and loan him out and watch his progress. Like Earing, he may come on in his second season and after getting some regular game time.
  9. For me, the experience Clarke has to pass onto the squad is invaluable - especially if he’s acting as a mentor to say Jay Benn. I would retain him and have him as a backup, perhaps the defender on the bench. If we are holding onto a lead late in a game (and likely sat deep pinned in our own half) then he’d be a great option to bring on, organise the defence and clear a lot of balls in the box. For those saying he’d be paid too much, his wage would have to reflect his new squad role.
  10. I agree with this. I’d rather him miss today and Woking (perhaps coming off the bench in that game) and get him right for the Stockport game next weekend. Last thing we need is to rush him back and rule him out for a few weeks
  11. From our own point of view. If the league system is suddenly void of 6 clubs does that mean we potentially have 6 clubs going up from our league (and no relegations from league 2).
  12. If Clarke does retire then Benn, Byrne, Bradbury and Maher become our 4 cb’s in the squad. If not, he still appears a good good prospect and well thought of, so could be loaned out (I suspect he would have been this season if the N/S were playing). Tear had been playing for the U23’s development squad, and like Earing could play a bigger part in his second season with us (perhaps not to the same extent). He’s not looked out of place in the few cameos he’s played, and could be adopted to being the backup right wing back. The same goes for Spence. If we are still in this league next seas
  13. The tweet has just been re-posted. Assuming we find out at half past
  14. They’ve deleted it now, so maybe it was being set up for tomorrow and posted by accident?
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