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  1. Over the years we’ve had Sheff weds, Man City Burnley and the Terriers , the trouble against Burnley and Huddersfield will prob put paid to any decent friendlies
  2. Leaving it this long for season tickets makes it harder for fans to pay on an instalment basis . Ideally May June and July.instalments makes it more affordable
  3. Are season tickets on sale yet ?
  4. Town fans taking the piss out of a proper club that’s just got promoted , doubt we’ll be playing them in a fair while
  5. Fantastic game and great advert for the league , pity it’s out a £15.000 hole in the lowest budget in the league
  6. No sympathy for Torquay , handed a free pass with Hartlepools first 2 penalties and to take 2 penalties like that unbelievable
  7. Perfectly good goal disallowed for Torquay again , shocking decision
  8. Reckon you can add another £200 on to the middle and last bracket
  9. Depressingly predictable the whole club just has that flat feeling again
  10. Assume we’re not selling any this year
  11. Jmc

    England Croatia

    Was a decent enough display and result , however all the other fancied teams have hit the ground running and look strong
  12. They were all over town that day
  13. Those were the followings the last tine we played them, Grimsby brought over 1500 when we spanked them
  14. That’s a promising sign
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