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  1. Sounds about right. Theyre allowed to be a 25% full to start with.
  2. Should be in shortly. Have messaged with reference. Ta muchly.
  3. I'll take harrogate if still available? Would you mind messaging payment details? I have some stored but just want to double check they're correct.
  4. Gone for a win. Believe it to achieve it.
  5. I went for the same result. That's probably why you lost. Sorry about that.
  6. If anyone does do this, you can either withdraw as soon as you've done watching. Or if you like a flutter spend it as you wish but leave a penny in there. You can watch every game they stream as long as you have money in your account. Ive had the same penny in my account for a couple of years 😀
  7. read this wrong sorry. ignore. Always had a massive budget was my point.
  8. Believe and we will achieve.
  9. Yup, their premier league signings have been shocking and they've spent a fair chunk in the process. Whether that was Wilder's doing or not i have no idea but it's been his undoing imo.
  10. Everyone's already forgotten about the domestic treble they won. Which is disgraceful. If Man Yoo had won it they'd have created a new bank holiday to celebrate the achievement.
  11. Isn't this the same guy that was in charge of Darlington when they built their stadium?
  12. They don't even like mentioning our name.
  13. Could still win it yet. Believe it to achieve it 😀
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