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  1. I now have the final figures for the fundraiser for the Deano flag. In total £933 was raised and the flag cost £411, leaving £522 that will be donated to the fundraising page to help Deanos family. A really great effort by all who donated and because of you there will be a lasting tribute at The Shay to Deano and also his family will benefit too. Well done everybody, and despite differing opinions, football has once again drawn people together. Enjoy your summer and thank you all very much 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  2. I hope everyone who contributed to the flag is happy with it and hopefully for next season it will be in a more prominent location where it can be clearly seen. The remaining monies will be donated to Deanos families fundraising page over the next couple of days Thank you all for your support
  3. It will be and it will be fine, just hope to get a better location for next season
  4. It will be and it will be fine, just hope to get a better location for next season
  5. The flag will be in situ for tomorrow, sadly due to 3 stands being used its not in an ideal location, but moving forward for next season we may be able to find a more prominent position where it will be able to be viewed in all its glory
  6. Thank you all for your kind donations, the flag has been ordered today and will be unveiled for the Chesterfield game on the 29th May. As we have had more money donated than the estimate for the cost of the flag it will be donated to the fundraising effort.
  7. Been to The Shay today to measure up for the flag, details are with the flag maker and I hope to have a further update later this evening
  8. Hopefully should have an update on the flag etc tomorrow evening. Keep the donations coming please. We will make this happen
  9. That is where any excess money will be donated then
  10. Could do with some help promoting this initiative please if anyone can help?
  11. Should imagine there will be a charity they may want donations to go to, I am sure that will be an option
  12. Great to see ex players donate
  13. Will do in the next couple of days
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