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  1. Thank you all for your kind donations, the flag has been ordered today and will be unveiled for the Chesterfield game on the 29th May. As we have had more money donated than the estimate for the cost of the flag it will be donated to the fundraising effort.
  2. Been to The Shay today to measure up for the flag, details are with the flag maker and I hope to have a further update later this evening
  3. Hopefully should have an update on the flag etc tomorrow evening. Keep the donations coming please. We will make this happen
  4. That is where any excess money will be donated then
  5. Could do with some help promoting this initiative please if anyone can help?
  6. Should imagine there will be a charity they may want donations to go to, I am sure that will be an option
  7. Will do in the next couple of days
  8. Right then fellow Town fans as we have the go ahead on the flag and the club are happy for it to be put up in the ground we are now asking for donations, large or small to show your appreciation for James Dean and what he did for your club. Any amount is welcome and all money will go on the flag or flags!! You can pay by PayPal, please send it friends and family to avoid fees afchalifax2006@yahoo.com Or you can pay by bank transfer to the account shown below Please reference any donation "Deano" Thank you
  9. I have had it confirmed that it can be made in the timescale we want, so it's in place for the Chesterfield game on the 29th May. Donation details to follow ASAP Thank you all
  10. I have contacted a flag supplier that has been recommended and once they confirm they can meet the timescale I will get the costs and ask for donations
  11. Ladies & Gents I am hoping to order a flag to go on the South Stand Terrace for the Chesterfield game and then be displayed in the ground at every home game. Anyone got details of a reputable flag supplier who could turn it round inside 3 weeks? Once the I have got a delivery date and a cost I will be asking for donations from anyone who would like to contribute. The flag will probably be something along the lines of "James Dean Goal Machine" Deano Deano Deano. No.9 Never Forgotten. I had decided to take a break from the forum, but this news has devastated alot of Tow
  12. This is just a saga now Tell them the circus is coming to town Out of here now. Goodnight
  13. I think Maher is OK, not a starter, but OK. He has made some bad errors recently, culminating in today's that cost a point
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