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  1. JC

    Jamie Allen

    Played the whole game v El Salvador.1-1,Montserrat's late equaliser from Lyle Taylor,of Notts Forest.Match played in Curacao. Next qualifier on June 4th,which will clash with the play-offs.They tackle the British Virgins.Who are mostly semi-pros.
  2. JC

    Jamie Allen

    Played whole game in the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium,Antigua,2-2,both goals scored by Lyle Taylor,of Notts Forest.NL players in the Montserrat team are Rohan Ince and Jason Comley (Maidenhead),Alex Dyer (Wealdstone),and Adrian Clifton (Dag & Red). They also have players in their squad from Barwell,Stafford,Sevenoaks,Croydon,and the mighty Kings Langley,so I think we should be told why Sutton's Rhys Browne(on their bench with Tobi 2 days ago) isn't out there.
  3. JC

    Jamie Allen

    Montserrat's record defeat was 10-0 against St Kitts & Nevis.They don't appear to pick Jason St Juste any more.I believe he was known as Satnav as he could get lost in his own house,so perhaps was too late too often.He was playing for Emley earlier this season.Raheem Hanley looks to have become their first choice left back after a few games for Town 3 years ago,and was last recorded playing for Radcliffe.And their captain is Lois Maynard;one site says that he's Marcus Rashford's cousin,which was news to me. Montserrat's record win was also a 10-0,but I couldn't find out anything about
  4. JC

    Jamie Allen

    Is in the Montserrat squad for WC qualifying games on March 24th (Antigua away) and 28th (El Salvador at home).He's definitely unavailable for Sutton game on 27th;do we know if he's around for Eastleigh on Saturday? If we get to the play-offs then he definitely won't be available as they have games on June 4th and 8th. Did we ever find out about Gevaro being off with Curacao a few months ago,when all Concacaf games had been postponed well in advance?I saw a rumour that their new manager Guus Hiddink just wanted to meet the squad,and get them together for a few days;does anyone know what W
  5. Had same problem as Central49 using my laptop.Gave up and tried my iPhone6 which revealed a box next to "I agree to terms.." which for some reason didn't show on the laptop,Ticked that,and carried through as others have said,and got "successful" Hi Flea,good to talk to you by the onions and parsnips this afternoon.Have a good afternoon at your live match tomorrow,think there were about 80 last time I went there (well it was a local derby).
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