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  1. I can't lie Ash that goal is up there with Paterson's winner at Kiddy in 98 and Dave Hanson's 2nd vs Southport. Any excuse to share the goals 😂😂
  2. I'd only to that point ever missed one Halifax Town Goal by needing to go to the toilet during a match - the one Killeen scored that day...
  3. And we're all but guaranteed to be live again at least once more on the channel
  4. And Hughes' goal vs Tamworth in the FA Trophy 1st Round making 4-0 in the 5-0 win. Think both goals originally came from @FleaTV
  5. It's not as if there isn't an online account specifically made for this purpose :')
  6. Ten years later 'Jemmo' was equalising vs Trafford.
  7. At the time (like Jonathan Hedge too) he left Town for full time football. Phelan went to Kidderminster and Hedge I think left for Tamworth.
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