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  1. Lost 4 out of the last 5 games!!!!!! At home ??.
  2. Craig Mawson Goal Keeper 2001 Made 9 app for Halifax Town 2006-2008 Made 46 app For Halifax Town. Appointed assistant 1st team goalkeeping coach For Manchester United.
  3. When does the stream start? Please.
  4. Outplayed and bullied all over the pitch today, absolutely no idea how to play them.
  5. Is it possible;to enlarge picture?
  6. Does anybody have black vertical lines on either side of picture?
  7. We were very poor all over the pitch today, endless poor passing, free kicks, corners, very poor. One poor shot on goal !!!. Tactics terrible Was Jamie Allen making up numbers today? he was hardly in the game. Players out injured is not a excuse for this performance. Dissapointed.
  8. Thanks Steve, I am in now, missed the sign in details at the beginning of thread.
  9. Can anybody tell me where on the Eastleigh Website to login??
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