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  1. All our level if no one else knocks on their door.
  2. How do we that deferred, paid for streaming as and when and didn't do Chesterfield stand? Will I just get a S/T this year instead
  3. malifax


    RIP another of my childhood football heroes
  4. Daft question I know but us that deferred should just get ours without any payment?
  5. Every new home a bit more int calderfail coffers to spunk away. They don't care if you work in Manchester and spend your leisure time in Leeds as long as you pay for the privilege of living here.
  6. Come on town get a third you know you want to
  7. Get in shots now get another and county beat them next week as well
  8. Come on town the fat lady clearing her throat
  9. Just seen an interesting read about Sunderland losing last night. If they went up half the players not good enough so would be looking for work on possibly lower wages. Human nature is to look after number 1 not clubs or fans. Could be 1 or 2 of our lot doing the same. Know we don't pay a lot but must be more than some.
  10. Our team talk v d and r. Listen lads the result will be what it is. D and r team talk, listen lads they are here for the draw get into them early goal, open the game and hit them again on the break. Outside chance of play offs for us still and we can kill these off to boot.
  11. If the first teams can't do a mini tournament maybe the supporters teams of the clubs could do one. Maybe a bbq after few bands make I a fund raising day.
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