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  1. To say the least Feeling a little gutted re king & Earing, time for Pete to get on that blower to some of his many many contacts.
  2. I’m sure I saw somewhere when they bought him that they had paid £250,000
  3. No surprise there, well done Jeff.
  4. I see, I hadn’t realised that.
  5. I’ve just been watching the highlights from today’s test match at Edgbaston , they were letting 15000 in , capacity 25000 , they were crammed together in parts of the ground.
  6. I fancy Bromley to win this a comfortable 0-2, sorry Jeff ha ha ha.
  7. A little disappointed for Lingard he was in fine form, I like the look of the squad though , it’s up to Southgate to find that magic formula now.
  8. Watch the euros, 4 nights in Norfolk, 1 week in Devon, Then look forward to the new season.
  9. I’m sure I saw somewhere that we would have 1100 in the shay for today’s game,which if true is a little baffling, we have a bigger capacity than cheaterfield who I believe had 3000 in for their home game last weekend .
  10. Bloody hell vinny you’ll freeze you gonads off, I’ll pop down shortly with a hip flask (hot toddy) I’ll look forward to the party atmosphere and cliff singing where all going on a summer holiday, that’s after the play off final of course.
  11. The only thing bothering me at the moment is that town have to beat cheaterfield, I can see the other results going our way. C’mon shaaaaymen.
  12. I thought I’d just stepped into a shoe shop.
  13. I’ve gone for a win tomorrow and other result will go for us, then we will cock it up at home to Cheaterfield, that’s the shaymen way.
  14. It doesn’t work like that with RNL he’s on a 2 week rolling injury list for one full season.
  15. What a bloody limp performance that was,extra mile my arse.
  16. For the first time this season I’m going for a loss, unless Pete has seen the light and he drops Clarke but he won’t will he ? .
  17. Blueblood


    Niff naff-noo.
  18. Sad Sad news, what a player for us, RIP Deano.
  19. NO for me, glass normally half full I was fairly confident going into yesterday’s game and expecting 3 pts, but after that awful display along with recent mediocre performances I think (as Boris would say ) we’ve spaffed our chances against the wall, Pete needs go back to the drawing board .
  20. Same for me, I had this problem a couple of months ago then it disappeared but only for a few days then the black line reappeared.
  21. I read a couple of weeks ago that they had signed a lad from millwall, I hadn’t relished it was him. As you say a good catchment area.
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