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  1. Sad Sad news, what a player for us, RIP Deano.
  2. NO for me, glass normally half full I was fairly confident going into yesterday’s game and expecting 3 pts, but after that awful display along with recent mediocre performances I think (as Boris would say ) we’ve spaffed our chances against the wall, Pete needs go back to the drawing board .
  3. Same for me, I had this problem a couple of months ago then it disappeared but only for a few days then the black line reappeared.
  4. I read a couple of weeks ago that they had signed a lad from millwall, I hadn’t relished it was him. As you say a good catchment area.
  5. I believe Obiero has gone back to the poodles with a hip injury.
  6. I think we did a job on our selves.
  7. Stephenson’s rocket.
  8. After 34 games and only 3 points behind big spending ( trying to buy the league) stockpot, we’d have taken that wouldn’t we ?.
  9. Yes what a save, it looked like Sam was just starting to go the wrong way then stuck his big hand out, phew.
  10. There is a large —- community in Halifax.
  11. Any body know how to cast the match to tv from iPad ?, I don’t normally have a problem , their is usually a tv in bottom right corner of iPad that I normally tap then all ok, but it isn’t giving me that option .
  12. I’ve just bought my pass for the game (with some difficulty), I now have the count down clock so hopefully all ok.
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