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  1. Not sure if it’s happened before, yes challinor is a good manager but they seem to have lost their better players so far, and they are struggling to make signings other than Byrne , I think them coming straight back down to the NL is wishful thinking on my part, I’ve not much time for the whinging monkey hangers.
  2. I think Hartlepool will come straight back down to NL , sorry Jeff ha.
  3. Well done lads, try stay injury free Pete might need some of you.
  4. I’ve heard that lawlor will be one of our trialist at farsley, not sure accurate that might be.
  5. I think Pete got carried away with the noughts.
  6. My post very tongue in cheek (lad). having supported the shaymen for 62 years I’ve learned to keep my expectations very low, don’t get me wrong I’m a little gutted we have lost king Earring & Byrne but I expected interest in them, When they have a wad wafted in their direction its by by , we’ve been told many a time we can’t complete with other clubs , let’s wait and see who Pete comes up with he has a extensive list of contacts ( so he says) maybe 1 or 2 of decent ones might come our way to play for a pittance .
  7. I don’t think our budget would stretch that far, I’m glad your not running the club you would have us bankrupt in no time. Maybe you need to lower you expectations.
  8. Sad news I’ve just heard Bobby passed away yesterday, R I P Bobby.
  9. Byrne Another disappointing loss Got a feeling he will be back in this league next season though, with hartlepool of course.
  10. Is to stop contraband being taken in there.
  11. Blueblood


    Rip Paul, sad news.
  12. I believe he wants to the shay, can we afford him ? .
  13. Your not the only I’ve not heard of him,
  14. Happy with Bradbury staying, but again like green it should be a 2 year contract, it make me think that it’s the player that are insisting on one year deals,
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