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  1. Well all I can say is from a neutral POV when watching two random Conference sides on BT, I've not been entertained or impressed with the quality on offer. Granted, some of the top flight stuff is turgid to watch too, however at least then there is often technical aspects of the game that are impressive to view.
  2. I recall getting absolute dogs abuse for saying pretty much this last season. We are a good strong side at this level now. However, we are a good strong side in a league of almost no quality or stand out wow moments. The league won't be won by a good footballing side. It will be won by the one that more consistently gets results. That could have so easily been us because on our day we are just as good as the best at this level. However, on the same lines, we also have it in our locker to be the exact same as the utter dross in the league. I will reiterate what I said months a
  3. Aspin had a poor run from around February, going into the new season's first ten games or so. I still think NA would have steadied the ship and kept us up, however if going on form and results his run was very poor.
  4. I like PW, but this is very relevant and true. If the budget is so bad, well PW was happy to sign a new deal knowing about it a month or so ago. He can't then use this as an excuse if things start to go badly.
  5. I believe the rules have changed since the last time fans were allowed in. Plus we have the added factor of how the ground is categorised. The Shay is categorised as a more elite (Struggling for the proper term here) ground than others at this level.
  6. Regarding fans I believe there are a few things to take into account - The capacity is set by the amount of SEATS in the ground - it is a percentage of that (I believe about 25%) - however this is sometimes less if the layout of the stand is in a way where some seats are "too close" to each other or can't be chalked down into groups of 1 in 4. So take The Shay for example. We can have 0 fans in the North. 0 in the South. The Skircoat is also officially condemned so that is also 0. So a Home game at The Shay, we may get about 800 fans allowed in. An Away game at say Maide
  7. My gut feeling about the team this year compared to last is that this one is fitter, stronger and better. I feel we have had rotten luck with injuries at the start of the season however - and really do wonder where we would be in the league had we had the likes of Hyde fit all season. In very difficult circumstances I feel we have progressed a little. At the very worst we haven't got any worse, which considering the constraints and the pandemic, is no bad thing. We are looking at consecutive playoff appearances even after all these challenges. I just hope that if we don't go u
  8. You have over 22,000 posts on here. This site is a social media one, where you give opinions on footballing and Halifax Town matters. Why do you bother posting here?
  9. I said before the Bromley game that if we were going to lose one of the three home games I'd rather it be against them (Bromley) or Woking, rather than Stockport. We lost against Bromley, so we need to win the next two now. Do that and the loss on Saturday is no damage. The important thing is getting 6 points from the 3 games and NOT losing to Stockport.
  10. Sadly this is correct. Actually getting a human response to any complaint off Twitter/Facebook is almost impossible. Every report a user does seems to go through some algorithm of drop down menu's, asking for screenshots and half a dozen questions, with the most often given "solution" is to block the account (So rather than remove the content, they just stop you from seeing it) Social media platforms give lip service at best. Only after the police had to get involved did they remove a Twitter account that had Doxx attacked me and asked its users to attack me. Twitter's reply prior to
  11. We have had anti-racism statements (like taking the knee) for over a year now - why are we ‘punishing’ 99% for the actions of a minority? It is also my understanding this media blackout is more about online trolling, and not specifically racism.
  12. While I can understand why the clubs are doing this, I am very disappointed to see both the Conference and our club jumping to get involved, considering that for 99% of the fans social media (Including the clubs own webpages) will be the way they get real time updates to the teams, squad and game at the weekend. Let us not forget - we play Stockport in a game that could be vital for our season, and now due to a protest we won't have ANY information, like line ups, interviews, or updates during the game. Unlike higher up the pyramid where there will be other outlets covering games to get
  13. Flea

    Blue Sox

    I’m surprised that the French/Canadian teams have been allowed to continue playing really - or are they being based in England for the time being? It is hardly an elite sport at the top level, never mind a rung lower. Surely it is nothing but irresponsible and dangerous to be traveling over from another country, getting all sweaty and on top of another bunch of guys for two hours, then going back again.
  14. Only the one goal down regardless of how bad it is. If we can level it before HT then we can try take control in the second half.
  15. Let me be the first to play devils advocate here - Looking at just Halifax Town here, would you make the argument that we do or don't have fans on the board? I find it hard to believe that DB is not a fan of the club by now. Granted it may not be in the "traditional" way that the average match going fan is, however I do think lumping in many chairmen at this level in with the likes of the mega rich ones in the top flight is a bit wrong. On a broader sense, I do like the German 51/49 ownership ideal. I'd be very happy to see our Supporters Club/Trust own 51% of the club w
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