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  1. We can still do this but I'm struggling to be confident. Dag & Red are no pushovers. Maidenhead seem to be playing for pride still, and Chesterfield will be tough, what with their League One levels of debt. I'll be more confident of our participation in the play-offs if we do pick up a couple of wins against those three.
  2. Hoddie


    Nine, nine, nine, hello? Yes, hello, I desperately need someone to rescue our season.
  3. Can we have that discussion at another time? Feel it's in slightly bad taste right now. We don't know what happened to JD and his family has asked us not to speculate.
  4. If you've ever read one of Town's many history books, you might be of the belief that Town didn't enter the FA Cup in its first Football League season due to "an administrative oversight". Intrigued by this I decided to do some digging. It seems Town did enter and were duly drawn against local side Mytholmroyd in the Extra Preliminary Round. Town were one of only three Football League clubs - the others being Aberdare Athletic and Charlton Athletic - who were expected to take part in the qualifying competition. In Town's case, it was reportedly because of the state of the Exley groun
  5. That bit about the cricket club surprises me. Unless Mansfield CC is relatively new, that is. It was quite common for footballers to play cricket for the local side in the off season.
  6. I can't wait until we clean sheet our way into the Football League.
  7. Great Harwood Town Clitheroe Northwich Victoria Bury Altrincham Stalybridge Celtic Hyde Unied Harrogate Town Halifax Town AFC Fylde Chorley Ashton United Warrington Town Padiham Trafford Bamber Bridge Exactly 16 teams. Would be a fantastic way to remember him, a one-off pre-season cup knockout, proceeds to his family and charity. He played during my 'dark ages' so I don't really have any emotional connection, but I feel for his family - terribly sad when something like this happens.
  8. I think we will. But I really can't see a good outcome. Still, will be something to build upon, and something that will help attract players for next season
  9. Sam Allardyce has built a career on building crap players into good players by giving them confidence. He's said it himself many times, if you don't have confidence you've lost already. Wild seems to exude whatever the opposite of confidence is. He pays so much attention to the opposition that he doesn't allow himself or his players to play to their strengths. At least he doesn't any longer. People will say that Wild is a the manager and he knows best. But the evidence strongly suggests he doesn't have enough confidence in his team to allow them to play on the front foot and take t
  10. We've seen them so everything I said this season. They're capable of doing it but are being asked to sit too deep, which makes it harder to get into the right positions when you have the ball. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to always follow the same script, game after game, at least since Clarke came back into the side.
  11. Fair play to Wild, held his hands up. No inkling though that tactics will change, just that it didn't work today. I'll be honest, not looking forward to the next game, can honestly say that's the first time this season.
  12. We don't have to go long. We saw it after the sending off, Summerfield went further forward, created at least two chances from memory, maybe even three. I actually have nothing against playing direct as long as that's not the only plan. You have to mix it up, play it wide, go down the middle, play it long, counter attack, run at defenders sometimes, pass it around at others. If our only option is to play long ball then Wild has no business putting Hyde on the park.
  13. Bang on the money, said at the time, results don't mask the poor performances. Points are everything though so you're just happy to get them.
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