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  1. Hoddie


    Of course I do. I'm DB. Unless you have evidence to the contrary. ps - club's accounts.
  2. Hoddie


    Zero evidence.
  3. Hoddie


    I don't think that's a fair characterisation of the criticism at all. Look at it this way - the supporters are being asked to overlook the fact that the club has reneged on the season ticket deal. The elderly are being asked to pay full adult price despite every other club in the country offering a reasonable concession price. Gold memberships, play-off donations, Covid-19 donations, etc. In addition, taxpayers are being asked to fund a low-cost, public-backed loan to help the club's cash flow over the short-term. All, to a certain extent, justifiable. Maybe. But when supporters expect a little more of DB, we're told that it's unreasonable. The club has used several quite large windfalls over several seasons to plug rather large holes in the budget, and the supporters are being asked to cover the shortfall due to those windfalls not being replenished. The relationship appears very one-sided. And if DB is running the club without any investment, the same is possible with someone else in charge. Unless DB has magical qualities or something?
  4. Hoddie


    Sorry Nick you can't have it all ways.
  5. Hoddie


    Here's that uncomfortable question again.... If DB can manage to run the club without ploughing money into it? Why can't someone else run the club without having to plough money into it?
  6. Hoddie

    New Kit

    There we go.... thank you!
  7. Hoddie

    New Kit

    I'm 99% sure we once had a kit as a Conference team with purple across at least one shoulder/arm.
  8. Personally I'd rather welcome back Geoff Horsfield than Sho-Silva.
  9. Hoddie


    I don't get the reference but it does have value, even with a negative value on paper. At level 5 of what is supposedly the most valuable football league system in the world, which means only 114 other companies are trading at this level or above. Someone who wants an easy enough entry into the industry, Halifax Town will be on the cheaper side, but absolutely would not be free imo.
  10. Hoddie


    It has potential to be more than it is, and has an established place in the league system of England. It has a value but exactly how much I wouldn't like to guess.
  11. Hoddie


    If the BBL has been used otherwise than in accordance with the application, the directors can be made personally liable - so for example, say they realised the company was going to go poof and they chose to pay certain preferred creditors knowing that liquidation was coming but before beginning the formal process. And it's easier for HMRC to hold company directors personally liable for tax debts these days, though some aspects of that legislation have been temporarily suspended - though again, in the above scenario, it's still possible.
  12. Hoddie

    New Kit

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. We've had white with purple before for sure, but didn't we also have a full purple shirt since FCHT became a thing? Or is my memory playing tricks?
  13. Only because you asked so nicely 😃
  14. Sorry guys but we were getting a lot of dodgy login attempts. Where the system allows you to log in using your display name, a hacker or bot needs only to try and guess your password. But if you're required to log in using your email address, which is not visible on the forum, the hacker or bot needs to guess both your email address and your password, which is so unlikely it borders on impossible. The change was to secure accounts and, to a lesser extent, mitigate the loss of bandwidth lost to the attempted logins. If the email address known by the forum is no longer in use, I recommend you change it now so that you can recover your account in future should you forget your password. If you are locked out of your account, try again with your email address, if that doesn't work send me an email at hoddie@gmail.com. Before resetting an account's password for you, I'll require some sort of proof that it belongs to you, which we can discuss by email.
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