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  1. Certainly will be. Given the late finish to the season, we could be lining up for pre season friendlies in 6 weeks. A lot of business to be done in a short space of time.
  2. Have I missed something... Have these instructions been sent to all ticket holders? Luckily I've seen them, but it could be a recipe for Council-related disaster otherwise.
  3. So... If somehow we can score the first goal across the league on Saturday, we'll be in the playoff positions. At 'em from the off, Mr Wild!
  4. Yep. I was running down the league positions. Edited now!
  5. Dagenham v Wrexham Halifax v Chesterfield Bromley v Notts Solihull v Eastleigh At least the fixtures give us a glimmer of hope.
  6. Want Solihull to win their game in hand on Tuesday to keep them in contention going into their last game against Eastleigh.
  7. Think it's only his 3rd start
  8. Sadly, with no Earing, no Chadwick, and no Hyde, I just can't see where enough goals would come from to win games (unless we eliminate our defensive blips). Without those three, we just aren't playoffs material, and I have reluctantly come to terms with that!
  9. Surprisingly similar to the way of HTFC 1911 for Mr B's tastes.
  10. Shaymen1984


    15 for Scott Quigley
  11. An infinite number of geeky teens and an infinite number of spunk-stained computers would land at next season's kit design in no time at all.
  12. Am I right in thinking that getting to the Chesterfield game in person will cost season ticket holders £100?
  13. At least it's another point earned in the games played column
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