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  1. was good,did its thing,highlighted it,time to move on now,racists need to move along,we hate it but now its time to play football and stop berating folks who want to stop it,as it dont make them racist for not wanting to take the knee anymore,they done it and happily did it.
  2. why are the words darren and kelly springing to mind
  3. I can see a bad start to the season but hope for a good run later on and points being picked up. I dont think the players in will have an understanding of those around them just yet and that may take a bit of time to come good. With few injuries already being talked about i wouldnt get my hopes up at the start of the campaign,but this season i have patience and believe that they will come good. But i see just outside the play offs if i'm being honest
  4. at this rate will we have enough players to form a squad lol, i trust wild but give us something to cling to will ya town. Whats happening with signings or are you off up to saville park scouting or what?
  5. Yip just like Ronald macdonald has held secret talks with DB over a buyout
  6. i dont disagree mate i dont,i just feel that if he owned a big fl club things would be different,ah maybe its me,i just wanna see town out of this none league crap and back to where we belong in the football league
  7. in part i agree,but my question still stands,us fans aint wealthy so we have no choice to plod along,mr B from what i believe is a multi millionare,yes who's not in the business of throwing money away,but how commited is he really to town
  8. I often wonder just how DB is commited to the cause!What he has done since he's been here is spot on,but i really do wonder if he's happy just plodding along as we are,yes he mentions promotion and what he'd like, but what is the reality? Football league would bring more cash,more tv,more exposure,so as a fan if i was in his position i'd like to think that the benefits of promotion outway any spending. I tip my hat to him i truly do,but i often wonder the difference between a die hard supporter with cash and a chairmanship over a chairman with cash?.He's a fan thats obvious,but there's a diffe
  9. Money raised was by fans who hoped for us to get promotion,the raised money was in HOPE. Their was no clause in it. The lads failed end of,sad for all concerned but moaning on about a waste of money is fruitless. Support em,move on and look forward to next season.
  10. Heart says we win,head says otherwise,Hope we can do it,its just who's more for it today, them or us.
  11. And all over a banner in the sky,a legal one at that
  12. Dont let the lefties drag ya down to their level lad lol
  13. ysb

    EU Referendum

    It is an issue, i see it in my work within schools around the area
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