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  1. Jay Benn could do a job at wingback. Was a winger in his youth days and can score goals. Spence can also replace Earring to an extent.
  2. Earring is a great prospect and he will do well. Glad we got a fee for him and hope it includes a sell on clause. As a young footballer he has done what everyone would do, more money, higher division. It’s a short career and you maximise your income whilst you can. Loyalty doesn’t pay the bills. I wish him all the best at Walsall, I hope he has a fabulous season and gets snapped up by a Championship side.
  3. When we are seeking £400k to stay afloat, we are hardly likely to be offering extended deals to players. Jack is 22 years old and has developed superbly over the two seasons. If we get a small sum and a sell on ( if that’s possible through a TB) then we will have done okay. Kieran Spence could do a job in that position.
  4. Why would we want to lose Hyde? Did a great job in the games he played. Partnered with a fit again Stenson he will be a continued threat. Unlikely to get anyone better regardless of the fee. As for Earring i would hope he does a Vardy and signs a new 2 year deal, get fit and then let his exploits with us do the talking next season. Sell him to a better team mid season. As for King offer him a 2 year deal too. He's a bit different to Earring as he has been to a few clubs before Halifax and its the first time he has had some consistency.
  5. Completely disagree. Sorry but had the team had a fully fit squad (several carrying injuries) and Stenson, Earring , Williams and King. We would have won one or two of the games we lost at the end. On our day with the players we have we can beat anyone. The additions we need are to replace Clarke if he goes, creative midfielder, replacement for Woods if he goes and another striker option at least. Im hoping that Earrings injury will mean he will have dropped off the radar. Get him signed onto a new 2 year deal and then we are safe. RNL aka the wage thief is definately in th
  6. Why can't you just be positive. Wild have got us in the playoffs and within a whisker of the playoffs in two seasons. If that's not something to be positive about after previous relegation and bottom half finishes i dont know what is. I will definately be getting a season ticket.
  7. I thought that this season, until I saw PWs recruitment. He will have the same pull as last season being in the playoff hunt again. If Earring goes we need a young replacement, although I think Spence could do a job in that role. But need another two. Got to keep Green and Summerfield they are critical to our continued success. I think Clarke will call it a day. It would be great to get his brother Tom back. If not I expect Bradbury to reclaim his place and a couple of defensive additions. Strikers Hyde, Allen and Stenson all contracted but would like to see a couple more -
  8. Did the draw happen? Never heard the result.
  9. Already contracted Hyde Stenson Allen Maher Must sign Summerfield Johnson King Green Bradbury Byrne Earring (if we can) Senior Williams Spence Benn Release Woods Tear Noble Lazarus Invite for next season Stephenson
  10. Sorry but I have got to speak up here. Jake Hyde worked his socks off. His hold up play was brilliant, his headers too. He had three chances during the game and no one will be the bigger critic of the fact he didn’t score than himself. A great player who has been great for us. Carrying an injury too but still playing 90 minutes. Injury free next season he will be immense.
  11. Stephensons goal was a treat. Quality finish. Hyde inches away from making it 2. 2nd half is massive.
  12. Looks great. Fitting tribute to a Club Legend. RIP Big Man.
  13. What a day. Still get goosebumps thinking about it. Dream come true for me.
  14. As opposed to what? India ? where a single variant is wiping out 100000s mainly in the poorest areas. Sorry but planning and good planning got the vaccine roll out going at top speed. Not political, but the one thing the Government have done right is push the vaccine roll out. A lot of the vaccines we bought were offered more or less at cost. It’s the PPE from China where we are being exploited.
  15. I imagine that was done not knowing our main striker was injured. Give the guy a break. It’s like you think the guy doesn’t want to get his team in the playoffs.
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