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  1. As we all know, we ran into a similar vein of poor form at the end of last season, but its early curtailment saw us finish in a play-off position. Last weekend's damp squib of a performance reminded me very much of the no-show against Ebbsfleet, the last televised game in Europe before sport was closed down. When other contenders seem to be hitting their stride, we seem to be going into our shell, injuries notwithstanding. We've got it all to do now in two very hard away games, plus a possible all-or-nothing decider against Chesterfield, in which we have to address our meek, toothless home for
  2. We can't find a pass as there's no-one within fifty yards of the ball to receive it. Oceans of space all over the pitch that the opposition occupy to pick up loose balls and enjoy possession. We looked like a team of old-timers puffing around the field, happy to watch others try to take them on on their own.
  3. Battered at home by a side who played the whole game in second gear.
  4. In retrospect, we were lucky they paid us so much respect.
  5. As long as they have not bothered to score, it's been almost endurable. Now, that's over, this looks doomed to descend into ever-more desperate hoof with the likelihood that they'll pick us off again.
  6. We seem to be playing a game of attackers v. defenders. I wonder if the plan is to try to mount an attack in the second half.
  7. Honestly, what did the linesman see there? They seem to inhabit an alternative universe at times.
  8. I'm just waiting for Rodrigues to confect some contact from an opposing defender so that he can go down for a pen.
  9. Great finish. He is an U23 player from Millwall. One of the advantages Sutton enjoy is being in a decent catchment area for young players from London and SE league clubs.
  10. They actually say: 'multiple seemingly blatant penalty shouts'. Like you, I can't remember any bar the arguable foul on Reid. The whole report is grudging and sulky.
  11. Funny seeing Wild jumping up and down excitedly as Hyde moved in on goal.
  12. I hope @Hoddie is happier with the score bar on the screen today. They've found room for 'Halifax Town', but just a simple 'Yeovil'. I suppose these things even themselves out over the course of the season.
  13. This is looking increasingly like the second-half performance at Chesterfield.
  14. I think Sam should have gone for goal from that free-kick.
  15. Interesting rule interpretation there, but ball doesn't have to leave the penalty area any more - which the non-faux-cockerney commentator thinks is why the referee has let their keeper re-take the goal-kick that sailed out for a corner.
  16. Why did Reuben Reid just scream in agony?🤡
  17. 💙 He scored the first Town goal I ever saw in the flesh: Southend away in '72 (?)
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