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  1. They were like that when they used to play in the Ryman Premier. They always carried on as if they thought they were slumming it. Leopards and spots come to mind.
  2. I understand this, and it feels like the annual dilemma writ over and over again. I couldn't make the Chesterfield game as, due to the early kick-off, it would have meant leaving the previous afternoon as I don't live in the area and my health wasn't sufficiently good to enable me to set off at between 5 and 6am on the day. Therefore, I bridle at the application of the caveat that we were able to attend one home game, rendering the £80 unrefundable. Ironically, however, I probably saw more matches last season thanks to the streaming facility than I would typically attend in person under normal circumstances. With all this said, I have, as usual, renewed my season ticket.
  3. Notts and Wrecsam home and away on Tuesday nights. 😒
  4. He was drunk and disorderly while watching an England game in a pub, apparently.
  5. Some on here will be delighted to learn that Harrison Davison-Hale is reported to have left the club.
  6. Wealdstone away first game is my guess.
  7. Again, a one-year contract. And again, if the player improves further, we'll be in exactly the same position at the end of next season as this. I wonder why the club is only able or willing to extend deals by one year. Or is it the players that are insisting on exercising a short-term option?
  8. That's an interesting piece of sophistry. I am glad that FCHT have not played/abused the furlough system, even if it might demonstrate risk-aversion and a lack of desire.
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