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  1. That website still has Macclesfield in League 2 take it with a pinch of salt
  2. The Centenary is in 2108. Only 87 Years Early.
  3. You had to keep Hyde fit to score those projected numbers though! If Warbuton gets 15/20 assists that will do.
  4. He played in a title winning side......so don't really get your point
  5. Last player to come through?
  6. Crewe produced players....we don't
  7. Not biggest fan or PW or DB but you could probably sell to players the record of going on to play in EFL. You do the business for us we will let you move for next to nothing
  8. Could have a late walk out like JF if that was all budget based.....are Rochdale still without a gaffer?
  9. It's hard enough for us to get 1 decent striker nevermind 1 capable of coming of the bench.
  10. Manchester United charge £380 for an under 16......they also have more seating available than City so surely Man City should cost more?
  11. In a nutshell no need or reason to buy a season ticket! Last year a season ticket was bought for 23 games maybe 22 if Macclesfield went pop before. Dover quit for the year and didn't streamers miss a game due to BT owning the rights? So those who paid upfront vs those that streamed every game you lost £150 for the Chesterfield game.
  12. I won't be renewing currently. Felt a raw deal on last year's ST and feel at a financial loss vs those who didn't buy from the previous campaign.
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