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  1. I nearly gave up. Don't want to give unnecessary personal details to an unknOwn company. DOB for fs sake
  2. 3-0 now. Our gd just got better than thiers
  3. Oh dear, won't want to watch or listen to the news until he's buried.
  4. Not according to Grimsby fans who think it will give a "get out of relegation free" card.
  5. If i accept that we had a bad start to the season and assume that we continue the form since the first Barnet game then I make the estimated end of season total on that basis as 68 points. I also think with the remaining games and a fitter squad we can do better than that. Playoffs therefore no problem. (An eternal optimist, even as a town supporter.)
  6. Should the league continue and Dover results expunged we move up to 8thh
  7. Can you explain this. it reads as if we played last Saturday. Surely not
  8. If it was between 1980 and 1999 it was probably me. if earlier then it might havebeen Jane. Hope you enjoyed it anyway
  9. For 20 years i taught canoeing at Park road. wonder if I taught you.
  10. just to calm you down a bit 69, watching town since 1958
  11. Agreed to buy my dream car from a friend. He smashed it up on the way to deliver to me.
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