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  1. Apart from the name, I can remember absolutely nothing else about him
  2. Bubba

    James Dean

    The sad thing about this rubbish last 12 months or so is that I know more people who have taken their own lives than had their lives taken by Covid. OK, I didnt personally 'know' Deano, I'd never even spoken to him. But I was still attending games on a regular occasion when he was leading our attack so you get to know them of a sort. What a player and what a tragic loss of life for those who knew and loved him.
  3. Bubba

    James Dean

    https://lancashire.police.uk/news/2021/may/update-search-continues-for-missing-james/ 😪
  4. Its like the Premier League...football didnt 'begin' until its formation. The same with FC Halifax Town
  5. I think the schedule is ridiculous. Play 4 days in a row or something like. Went to the Yankee stadium the first season it opened. Not expecting to enjoy it, I went just for the experience but it was brilliant.
  6. The difference is, when talking about having a supporter on board, is that the supporter will/should be representing the wider support base. Whereas the owner, who may well be a fan, is first and foremost going to do what is best for the business.
  7. When the government makes club owners relinquish 51% of their shares to supporters, DB's face will be a picture
  8. Man City out. Happening quicker than I thought it would.
  9. You only missed a zero https://www.football-espana.net/2021/01/27/real-madrid-accounts-reveal-club-in-concerning-e901m-debt The government is threatening legislative measures about the ESL. I am sure there is something in FIFA/EUFA rules about interference from a nations government but I would guess, depending on what the measures were, the governing bodies would appreciate governmental support.
  10. It's hard to know with no punctuation
  11. If you base it on 19 home games. Utd revenue is £5.84m which is more than a full season for Bournemouth.
  12. This gives you an idea of matchday income. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11532784/premier-league-matchday-revenue-coronavirus-man-utd-arsenal/
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