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  1. Looks more like the centre back on google
  2. So it seems most players have been identified but has anyone got ideas possible ideas who number 7 was? He looks an exciting player with the ball
  3. Thought 15 and 18 centre back and right back were pretty good and also number 7. Spence looked very decent
  4. Definately got to be him his record is not great
  5. Is it a 7 45 kick off? Can't get on their website for some reason and the ticket doesn't say
  6. fchtnico1


    Some great pubs down Farsley town street too
  7. That's a fair and honest statement from Pete Wild time will tell I suppose if the money invested back into the team is successful but if players want to go it's best for all parties involved
  8. Wow, it's going to be a long hard season by the looks of it
  9. Always seemed a great bloke. Sad news Rip Steve
  10. Will be interesting to see/know how many people are now out of the habit if going to football and now have other hobbies/things they do on a Saturday. My own circumstances have changed which I never thought would so I won't be renewing & there must be many others especially with the price hikes
  11. 1st year in many I won't be renewing either will pick and choose games partly because I know I will miss a few games so even at the £279 renewal price il pass. IF its a bad season and crowds drop wonder if they will be tempted to close the south stand
  12. It might not have been about the money but maybe about the playing time he was offered?
  13. Have a feeling its going to be a very difficult season coming up. This time last year I was pretty optimistic but the league itself looks to be stronger than ever with some big teams and budgets around. Torquay, Chesterfield, Stockport, Notts County, Bromley, Wrexham, Dag & Red, Eastleigh, Southend, Grimsby, Solihull plus others should be strong and like someone said on here the other day with no teams coming up there will be no new boys to the league. Halifax seem to have shut shop at the moment and no money looks to currently be generating so how can the budget be the same as last year, no season ticket sales as yet or new kits, the best players leaving and yes I'm sure there are probably new signings already underway but Pete Wild will definitely need a bit of magic to produce another top half finish imo (which he could well show)
  14. Very poor from Senior there in the box..... Let's blame Clarke though
  15. Hopefully Stockport will beat Dagenham as if not they are right in the mix & next up
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