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  1. To be honest not a great deal Tom 🤣 I just find you slightly annoying because you make it sound so so so simple. Which makes our owners and manager out to be so so so thick for missing trick after trick. But this forum is great as it’s active. It’d be a nightmare if it was as quiet as Guiseley’s or BPA’s must be so keep it coming 😃
  2. Ding!!!! Mister Fantasy Football strikes again! I really hope that you are an actual manager posting on here in cognito. Otherwise you have been cruelly overlooked, Confucius 2.0
  3. And as per usual you are criticising from the outside and, more pertinently, prematurely. Chill your beans, wait, and see how the squad is when it is complete. Even better, when you see how it performs. Controversial I know, as you do seem to offer your opinion as soon as you see the team sheet rather than after a match.
  4. If we have not a great deal of cash then we are always going to be leading a hand to mouth existence. It’s frustrating because it’s a never ending project because as soon as you see success clubs want your players - either the ones you have brought on (Earing) or more established ones you have chucked your budget at (Hyde). Pete knows where he lies and seems to be up for what is a very tough job. Everyone knows that he isn’t going to be successful with every gamble but he and Milly are doing their darnedest (along with the assistance of someone who seems to be acknowledged as a cracking scout) to take as much of the guesswork and risk out of it as possible. unfortunately it ain’t as easy as some on here suggest ie get that cheque book out DB. It’s far easier to criticise than it is to support and acknowledge what is being done. Go on Pete I’d love it if you produced some diamonds! Oh, and if someone wants to leave let em go! Or are some of you going to perform some magic spell to change their minds?! Hyde is eyeing the dollars and Byrne is eyeing league football. I’m sure PW would be open to your suggestions as to how you combat that…
  5. He’s making the ‘OK’ sign….. Any players with those initials?
  6. Think the only thing anyone has seen of Stenson is the goal he took well at the Clitheroe friendly. we can hope we’ll be welcoming back a striker with a bit of pace but injuries do funny things to people
  7. Yes he’s as on the verge of losing his voice as Bonnie Tyler always was
  8. You’re right. The mighty BJ Ashton rules because of the sheer volume of his posts. Woo well let me quote the giant that’s is Alexander O Neill. “I'm fed up 'cause all you wanna do is criticize” and when anyone dares to pull you up for being sooo clever, you call them boring and yawn. Well done. You have won.
  9. Well reasoned response. We should all bow down before you.
  10. Yeah Go that man, why don’t you go on a march? Town fans against mediocrity. That’ll solve it. The lads will read your posts and see the light, see the error of their ways, ignore what the idiot manager is saying in training, and turn in not only a superb performance every single week for 46 weeks but also win 17-0. Bravo, thank god you you have managed to solve the conundrum of football management. I applaud you and crown you. arise Sir Football Genius!!
  11. It equally is completely annoying to see the same people spending every single ninety minutes commentating on every single thing that doesn’t go in our favour, as though it proves that they know better than the manager. Every bleeding week it’s hahaha what kind of team selection is this, what formation is this, what kind of performance is this? if football is such an effing simple game how come you are not the current manager? we have injuries and a small squad, but no - despite having to rejig the players available every week these guys to a man are supposed to overcome the inevitable problems associated with not playing with the same eleven and rise to peak performance and offer total football. It must be really pleasing when we lose . congratulations
  12. Get in!!!! Once again those who think they know better are made to look silly !!! You can’t pass judgement on a game when it’s in progress. That’s called commentary. You make judgements AFTER the result is in. Leave managing to the manager! A manager can offer his instructions before the match and at half time but the 90 minutes is up to the players. and in most matches we have come out better in the second half so please don’t criticise the half time talk!!! We’ve played well tonight and deserve the win. really pleased Campbell has scored too. That’ll do him the world of good. don’t base your comments purely on statistics. come on shaymen
  13. From what I’ve seen one of them is Simeon Jackson, a local boy who’s already earned his money so is probably playing for free or pittance as a favour
  14. The next Adam Morgan?!
  15. Interesting though not surprising that on the alty Twitter their fans are digging the ref. I thought she was very accomplished. Always in a decent position and confident in her decisions. Oh for Rebecca Welch every week instead of Paul ‘Mr Bean’ Marsden
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