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  1. My dad once picked up Tony Hadley in the taxi. Said he was being a reyt arrogant div so he drove slower on purpose so he missed his train!! Ha.
  2. Season ticket has just been bought. I love going to the football on a saturday, watching the match following my club and seeing mates with the whole social side of things and day out. Something to look forward to whilst having a $hitty day at work in the middle of January. So personally its more than just a season ticket.
  3. Reminds me of the old paraglass away shirt a tiny bit. Love it ans shall be buying it.
  4. You wont believe it, but my mate said he thinks its Fondop!!! Training will be like an episode of This Is Your Life for Sam Johnson. Can hear the music plsying now.
  5. He was very raw. Nobody would have forseen him going on to be class. Sho-Silva to fire us to glory like a few who came back!! Paterson, Horsfield, Hanson, Kiwomya. Its written in the stars 😂
  6. Geoff Horsfield came back for a 2nd spell, the rest is history! 😂😂
  7. Maybe, who knows. Im not a sports scientist, but i trust those qualified to do so to advise Pete Wild well.
  8. Whilst other teams burn out after such a early start, we'll finish stronger and not peter out and bottle it like a few months ago. Just a theory.
  9. Gone back over 13 stone and fat after a big bust up and falling out. Today's the day it changes so im up early and what better song eh!! 😂💪
  10. Eric Everhard that desperate to rejoin the forum!!
  11. Im getting the Catchphrase tv studio vibes.
  12. My favourite colour is purple. I might be buying a shirt this year if it is.
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