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  1. Terrible news, RIP and love to his family. Sadly reminiscent of another former player in Tim Carter.
  2. Absolutely fine mate. Im just living in hope James has buggered off somewhere or cant be bothered with anybody at this moment, but he will come too in his own time. Fingers crossed.
  3. Its not looking great and I too fear the worst. I don't believe in any religion except hope, I hope he's just on a mad one, holed away, drunk, manic or whatever and is too shy and embarrassed to come out. I'll be honest, when im f***** off with the world i shut off and do my own thing and like a idiot and maybe childish i once ignored everything and everybody. I upset somebody very special to me and it turns out they were beside themself and had the police banging on my door one night!! Im absolutely sound so don't worry about me, but i just hope James is having a similar thing. He
  4. Its not great but thats a bold statement. It seems worse tonight whilst its still raw but we arent that bad. Hopefully we are just having a blip, we'll make it and save the best for last!
  5. We are still in a good position. Would have bit your hand off to be where we are now and still have excitement going into the last 3 games rather than a Jamie Fullarton 16th place bore of a season. We are still in the mix but credit where its due such as league standing, but critique sensibly when we play awful. Today wasn't good enough and if some think their play off place, or their place in the side is a shoe in then im sorry, they're wrong and need a rocket up their ar$e.
  6. Left it a couple of hours and i havent read the whole thread so apologies for being one sided. That was pi$$ poor today, no excuses, don't dress it up. I won't single out any players as they were all off their game today bar Sammy making a couple of good saves. It was total garbage but its not the first or last poor display I'll see and that's just football. Give your head a wobble lads, from manager to everybody in that squad. Don't bottle it and become a laughing stock because $h*t like that sticks.
  7. As a guitar geek, im in love with how Johnny Marr from the Smiths plays guitar on this song and how its recorded with so many layers, 6 string and 12 string guitars. He's so talented.
  8. Cant we buy a lorry load pf cheap nappies, lay them out to soak up the rain and then rake them all off at 2.30. Sounds a great plan!!
  9. Icke's Lizard


    What do you call a jacket on fire? A blazer.............sorry!!
  10. Just watched the weather forecast on Look North and its going to be shocking conditions to play good passing football in. Might end up seeing a long ball game tomorrow if we play the conditions.
  11. Wa***rs the pair of them, you're $hit so accept your fate with grace.
  12. Top trolling by Villerreal too.
  13. It will all be worth it if that silly Arsenal Fan TV implodes too. Have you seen the grown blokes on there wearing full kits and training kits with overreactions and stomping round crying like kids. Man they're really embarrassing and need to grow up and get a girlfriend. The one last night was so over the top i felt sorry for him in the end up.
  14. Did he go to Farsley and help them get promoted?
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