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  1. Be all and end all is!! It Benn and Spence are 1st teamers next season. We will struggle. End of
  2. All money raised goes too his sons. Let’s travel in numbers 💙⚽️
  3. Because let’s be honest. The kids decent. But half a season in the conference doesn’t make him a FL midfielder. He will warm the bench and play in the checka trade trophy against chelsea u23s ffs
  4. Could be loaned back to us for the season 😂
  5. Any decent team/manager would have a list of All players out of contract 🙄 no secrets in football
  6. Keep watching 👀 it’s coming
  7. A few clubs are in for Hyde. Including a league 2 club. I too was shocked.
  8. Believe it or not mate. Chesterfield are a bigger club than us. He won’t of gone there on peanuts
  9. An extra £3-400 pound a week says there is no problem.
  10. Scored a lot of goals for Halesowen. In the Sunday leagues
  11. The club announce season tickets until boris gives hope of fans attending come the start of the season. it works both ways as the fans won’t want to buy not knowing if they can attend 🙄 saying that. Knowing this club. we will release season tickets tonight on the back of losing our two best players 😂
  12. Why you getting angry with me? Calm down you rat
  13. Just me saying it mate. I’m not “ITK” 👀🙄
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