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  1. As I’ve said now so many times I still can’t believe we haven’t replaced Hyde or Byrne yet with actually signings. If we had signed them they’d be announced. Now I’d expect the signings to be a decent standard but one of my mates who went last night and the general chat on here was the young lad from Colne was our best trialist
  2. Oh don’t be so negative it’s first pre season game. How dare you
  3. Only just woke up and you’re putting me back to sleep.
  4. Oh my lord I ain’t even commented on the game? Jesus Christ Only basing on what people have said on here chill out 😅
  5. Think after a few more pre season friendlies we will see who’s actually good and who isn’t. Can’t base anything on our first pre season game. Only concern I have is that we still haven’t replaced our key players yet.
  6. Nah can’t see it tbh. We should already have players signed and replaced after 2 key players went but we are relying on trialists for whatever reason. Anyway no need to worry not like we only have 14 players signed on
  7. He did sound a decent player
  8. Sounds like we had a load of good trialists that Wild could choose from then ey?
  9. Ah sorry I was watching a west end in London thankfully. It was more of a joke than a serious comment. Hope you enjoyed the game
  10. That sounds like a typical Halifax signing
  11. You only expect us to sign 2/3 more players ?
  12. Sounds like a thriller. 0-0 against farsley in a pre season friendly. Whooooo Lets hope wild got what he wanted from that game 🤨
  13. Team full of trialsists for tonight
  14. Still means there’s 1400 who arent “real supporters” then
  15. Do always get one but we paid £80 didn’t we for the Chesterfield game so doesn’t make the season ticket any cheaper does it 🤣
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