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  1. I think what people are getting at is not the mistakes that people make. More the way we play and how miraculously since Clarke came back into the team against Eastleigh it’s kind of gone downhill since
  2. Never said it was Don’t just join in with Shaymen0 for the sake of it Steve
  3. As some would say “stats don’t lie” Nick asked a simple question of the stats with and without Nathan Clarke. They’ve already been addressed and that’s the outcome.
  4. Ah so it’s Hydes fault now. I’ve heard it all
  5. The other guys seem to be okay passing it out from the back. Clarke has many options to pass it he just loves lumping it forward down the wings hoping the very frustrated Hyde latches onto it
  6. You’re just not getting it are you?
  7. We’ve already had the stats in. The stats show that we are better attacking wise and defensively without Clarke. So whichever way you look at it we are better without Clarke. Not like I’ve been saying it for the past few months though
  8. We’ve conceded 2 goals against Wealdstone this season. Don’t worry though as Ash has said if he played he would have kept a clean sheet against them.
  9. “If we make the play offs fantastic, if we don’t we don’t” Sounds like he’s expecting us to play different than what we have the last few games thankfully.
  10. So you’re saying you are better than Bradbury, Maher and Byrne then? As they conceded against Wealdstone. You honestly come out with some **** you really do.
  11. Eh surely that’s not right. Everyone were saying when Clarke comes in the defence it will get much better but yet we have conceded more goals now he’s in the team? Surely not Steve
  12. Yes they do Ash? They did at notts county, they did at Torquay and other games. Stop saying what you want to hear all the bloody time
  13. Yeah alright Ash. Guessing you haven’t seen our play off rivals last two cagey games then?
  14. In those “tight and cagey” games
  15. Yes exactly you’ve just hit the nail on the head. “A couple of months ago”
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